“A must-visit:” New Paltz at #3 on Buzzfeed “Best Small Towns in America” list

New Paltz, New York, is the #3 entry on Buzzfeed’s new, reader-sourced list of the best small towns in the United States.

The popular online publication put out the call to its community in June, asking for help building the ultimate travel bucket list of picturesque small towns.

User Emily P. is credited with flagging New Paltz as one of the best.

“This town is set right on a mountain range so the views are incredible and there are so many beautiful hikes. It’s an artsy, small town in a rural area with a great Main Street, featuring funky local businesses and awesome restaurants,” Emily P. wrote.

New Paltz’s unique mixture of nature, food, family-friendly activities, nightlife and overall vibe make it a great place to live, and a big reason why many SUNY New Paltz students end up sticking around for years after they graduate.

The College enjoys a mutually supportive relationship with Village and Town of New Paltz as well, with long-standing agreements for sharing resources and cooperating on public safety initiatives.