2018 alumnus commissioned to design medal for art history organization

SUNY New Paltz Class of 2018 graduate Jonathan Elie ’18 (Visual Arts) received a commission to design and fabricate a medal for the American Society for Hispanic Art Historical Studies (ASHAHS), an art history professional organization for scholars of Spanish and Portuguese art.

Elie’s design involved a creative reconfiguration of elements of the Spanish and Portuguese flags. After drawing the design by hand, Elie used software to refine it and to fabricate a mold using the 3D printing facilities at the Hudson Valley Advanced Manufacturing Center. He then cast the medal in silver using the lost wax method.

The medal was produced to honor a member of ASHAHS, Jeffrey Schrader, associate professor of Art History at the University of Colorado, Denver, for his exceptional contributions to the organization. Professor Schrader received the medal at the annual national conference of the College Art Association in Los Angeles, California.

The commissioning of the medal was overseen by Reva Wolf, professor of Art History and a member of ASHAHS. Lynn Batchelder, assistant professor of Metal, played an important role in nominating Elie for the commission and advising him throughout the design and fabrication processes.

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