SUNY New Paltz launches new undergraduate program in Business Analytics

The AACSB-accredited School of Business at SUNY New Paltz is pleased to announce a new Bachelor of Science program in Business Analytics, the first undergraduate program of its kind in the SUNY system.

Data analysis in business is a rapidly growing field that combines knowledge of business, technology, critical thinking and strategic communication to harness the power of “Big Data” and inform executive decision making at the highest levels of industry.

The increasing availability of “Big Data” is being felt across a range of business sectors, including finance, marketing, retail, government and healthcare. This has created tremendous demand for analysts who can interpret all of that data, to help businesses make informed decisions.

“Companies around the world are clamoring for employees with the ability to analyze, interpret and visualize data,” said Dean of the School of Business Kristin Backhaus. “Our Business Analytics program, with a focus on application and hands-on practice, will prepare our graduates to make a direct impact on company profitability.”

The new Business Analytics program at New Paltz equips students with core tools and concepts in an undergraduate program, instead of the more typical graduate program, so they can begin developing valuable skills earlier in their careers.

The Business Analytics curriculum focuses on helping students understand three vital aspects of Big Data analysis:

  • Data management and quality: collecting, cleaning and organizing data in a way that maintains its integrity, and can be used to gain insights;
  • Mathematical and statistical modeling: using industry standard software and other tools of analysis, including data mining, deep learning and artificial intelligence, to draw useful insights from large datasets;
  • Critical evaluation and communication: developing intelligent and creative interpretations for making smart business decisions.

Business Analytics courses at New Paltz rest upon a well-established foundation of general business and management education at the School of Business, and on the College’s general education emphasis on communication and critical thinking skills.

The first cohort of Business Analytics students will begin in fall 2018. Current and prospective students can learn more about this new program at