SUNY New Paltz in the top 10 NYS agencies opting out of physical pay stubs

NYS Payroll Online first arrived at New Paltz in 2016 as a way for employees to help cut costs and reduce waste by opting out of receiving paper pay stubs.

Faculty and staff responded with enthusiasm, and now, one year after the program debuted, SUNY New Paltz ranks in the top 10 among state agencies in terms of total opt-outs and money saved.

A total of 350 New Paltz employees had opted out as of early December 2017, for an overall participation rate of about 30 percent. Those employees helped the College save more than $6,000 in printing and distribution costs.

Those employees who have not yet signed up for NYS Payroll Online are encouraged to learn more about the system by contacting the Payroll Office at or 845-257-3145.

As an added incentive, the Payroll Office will be offering $50 gift cards to randomly-selected faculty and staff who log in and make the switch to paperless pay statements before Feb 8, 2018.  A drawing will be conducted on each payday between Dec. 21, 2017 and Feb. 21, 2018.

To manage your NYS Payroll Online account and opt out of paper pay stubs, follow these instructions:

  • Sign into
  • Click the “Employee Resources” link under the “Faculty/Staff” tab
  • Click the “SUNY Self Service” link
  • Note your NYS ID number (N#), which appears in the top right corner of your Self Service page
  • Click the “NYS Payroll Online” icon in the Self Service box
  • Complete the verification form with the last four digits of your SSN and your NYS Employee ID number (which is not the same as your Banner ID number!)

Once you’ve finished this process, simply select the Update Pay Statement Option and follow the instructions to opt out.