Chemistry Rocks! at Family Mole Night 2017

The Chemistry Department at SUNY New Paltz continued its National Chemistry Week tradition of inviting children and families from around the community for some hands-on work in campus laboratories at Family Mole Night.

More than 45 children, age 5-12, came out this year for hands-on experiments all centering on the “Chemistry Rocks” theme. Activities like “Cool Cave Making,” where students learned how caves are made when water dissolves away rock (or sugar cubes, in this case), introduced scientific methods and natural processes in a way that’s fun and playful.

As in previous years, the experiments were designed and led by New Paltz students, including many members of the campus Chemistry Club.

Named for a unit of measurement used by chemists to express atomic mass, Family Mole Night has been a staple community event at SUNY New Paltz for more than a decade.

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