Music students, faculty perform for hikers at Skytop Tower

Assistant Professors Alex Peh and Christiana Reader led students on a musical hike along the trail to Skytop Tower, the iconic structure (visible on the horizon from many points in New Paltz) that overlooks Mohonk Lake and much of the Shawangunk Mountain range.

Student performers on violin, guitar, vocals and other instruments set up in a number of the small huts that line the trail and played for passers-by throughout the afternoon on Oct. 21. The program culminated in a group performance inside Skytop Tower.

Performers included:

  • Emily Charash ’20
  • Daniel Chiu ’19
  • Olivia DiIorio ’18
  • Ryan Geraghty ’17
  • Elana Kellerhouse ’19
  • Janina Scheuren ’21
  • Zhen Yu Su ’18
  • Ryan Tso ’21
  • Brian Twohig ’19
  • Brendan White ’18
  • Kelly Zhang ’20

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