Study Abroad Stories: Tyone Haynes

Nearly 25 percent of all SUNY New Paltz undergraduate students undertake a study abroad experience during their time at the College, among the highest figures in the SUNY system. This year, some of these students and alumni are sharing their Study Abroad Stories.

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Here’s Tyone Haynes ’17 (International Relations) telling us about his time in Argentina and Chile:

“I think education is a big way to fix things, and I know in South America they have a lot of problems,” Haynes said. “But they also have a lot of hope there, and there’s restructuring going on, and I want to be a part of that one day.”

“The opportunities we have here at New Paltz for study abroad are amazing. There’s just so much to the world that people don’t know. Sometimes we’re just so secure in our little boxes, but it’s good to break free.”

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