News from Human Resources

Congratulations to the following employees who have been hired, promoted or given permanent or continuing appointment:

ELEANOR CANDEE (Center for Student Success) has been hired as Assistant Coordinator of Tutoring Services.

NANCY CAMPOS (School of Science & Engineering) has been hired as Program Director for AC2.

SALVADORE CERVINE (Instructional Media Services) has been hired as Afternoon/Evening IMS Supervisor.

CATHERINE COLLADO (International Programs) has been promoted to Study Abroad Advisor.

KEN DECKER (Custodial) has been hired as Cleaner.

DOMIANA DEFELICE (Center for Student Success) has been hired as Writer’s Studio Coordinator.

MORGAN GLEASON (Psychology) has been hired as Lecturer.

JOHN JAMIOLKOWSKI (Facilities Operations) has been hired as Motor Vehicle Operator.

ERIK JOHNSON (Student Activities & Union Services) has been hired as Interim Operations Coordinator.

CHRISTOPHER NOSTRAND (Digital Media & Journalism) has been hired as Lecturer.

DAVID RICHARDSON (Biology) has been awarded continuing appointment as Associate Professor.

JASON SERRANO (English as a Second Language) has been hired as ESL Student Advisor.

MICHAEL D. SMITH (Teaching & Learning) has been promoted to Associate Professor.

BIANCA SYLVAIN (International Programs) has been hired as Study Abroad Advisor.

LAWRENCE THOMAS (Facilities Operations) has been promoted to Maintenance Assistant.

RYAN WILLIAMS (University Police Department) has been promoted to University Police Officer 2.