SUNY New Paltz awarded $1.4 million for sustainable energy projects in 2016

Energy Management Coordinator Brian Pine coordinated awards totaling more than $1.4 million for energy projects in 2016. Each awarded project supports long-term sustainable and responsible energy use on campus.

2016 awarded projects are as follows:

  • The New York Power Authority (NYPA), the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) and Central Hudson together granted more than $1 million for the solar energy storage system on Elting Gym and the Sojourner Truth Library, which is now under construction (read more about this project here).
  • The NYPA awarded $250,000 for thermal blankets to wrap heating piping in the mechanical rooms of buildings across campus to conserve energy and reduce heat loss.
  • Central Hudson granted the College more than $84,000 for Phase 2 of exterior LED lighting upgrades.
  • Pine also worked with Plant Utilities Engineer Kirk Timperio, consultant Brett Wu of Nuenergen and Facilities Operations staff to coordinate and implement a summer demand response program. Energy reduction achieved through this program earned the College a rebate of $37,995.

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