Classified staff celebrate at annual gathering

Members of the SUNY New Paltz classified staff who were hired or promoted in the past year were recognized at the annual classified staff gathering on Oct. 11.

The meeting also saw the presentation of a SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence to recently retired Plant Utility Engineer Barry Lawless.

Congratulations go out to the following New Paltz classified staff:

Human Resources
Michael Maphis (new)
Wyatt Krause (new)

The Graduate School
Susan DuPilka (promoted)

Extended Learning
Diana Turner (new)

Sojourner Truth Library
Matthew Cummings (new)
Sheila Muller (new)
Diane Sharp-Gayton (new)
Cheryl Morse (new)

Center for International Programs
Joanne Bernardo (promoted)

School of Education
Sharon Countryman (promoted)

School of Fine & Performing Arts
Lee Degnan (promoted)
Lisa Harding (promoted)

Records & Registration
Jessica Krause (promoted)
Stephen Lettis (promoted)

Financial Aid
Antoinette Laskowsky (promoted)

Accounting Services
Tammy Gray (promoted)
Lynne Legato (promoted)

Environmental Health & Safety
John Cassidy (new)

Facilities Operations & Management
Paige Green (new)
Leonora LaCorata (new)
Lori Hajecate (new)
Joseph Hull (new)
Michael Roviezzo (new)
Brian Arvanetes (promoted)
Laura Freer (new)
Madelyn Schwenger (promoted)
Joseph Fagan (new)
Richard Drosdowich (promoted)
Lawrence Oquendo (promoted)
Charles Bates (promoted)
Daniel Houghtaling (promoted)
Joshua Decosta (new)
Richard Mazur (promoted)
Frank Fetzer (new)
John Hart (promoted)
Josh Hanley (promoted)
Sean Sutta (new)

University Police
Greg Thompson (promoted)
Olukayode Olasokan (new)
Lilah Carlaw (new)
Benjamin Pearson (new)
Bruce Chambers (promoted)
Joseph Haubrich (promoted)
Ashley Lopez (new)
Juanta Carson (promoted)

Educational Opportunity Program
Erica Parker (promoted)

Residence Life
Molly Polos (promoted)

Disability Resources Center
Naomi Vogt (promoted)

Student Health Center
Michelle Laudicina (promoted)

Student Accounts
Carrie Mackey (new)

Office of Veteran & Military Services
Julia Verdile (promoted)

Student Activities & Union Services
Tucker Schulhoff (new)

Office of Development & Alumni Relations
Cathy Coppinger (promoted)

Media Relations
Teresa Adamczyk (new)