Food marketing lecturer to be featured at HV economic development summit

The SUNY New Paltz School of Business has launched two new food marketing courses for students interested in focusing their study and career preparation on the food industry. Already, the courses are garnering attention from regional business interests in the field.

At the upcoming Hudson Valley Beer, Wine, Spirits & Cider Summit, Lecturer Russell Zwanka, a food industry veteran who played a key role in bringing these courses to New Paltz, has been invited to share his knowledge of the industry with community members and attending students.

summitThe Summit will be held on Oct. 4. It is hosted by the Hudson Valley Economic Development Corporation (HVEDC), which has been a key partner alongside Zwanka in developing food marketing courses and events within the School of Business, and introducing their network of local food and beverage entrepreneurs to New Paltz students and their work.

Zwanka’s presentation will focus on the importance of “Crafting Connections,” a lesson that applies equally to the relationships businesses forge with their customers, and the relationship he is helping to establish between the School of Business, its students, and prospective employers in the region and across the nation.

“One of the main goals of these food marketing courses is to solidify SUNY New Paltz’s position in the food industry locally, regionally and nationally,” Zwanka said. “We have more than 75 students taking our new classes this fall, and know that we can help them reach their full potential by creating opportunities for them to work with and learn from regional food and beverage companies. As we grow, partnerships with great organizations like the HVEDC will be more and more mutually beneficial, as our well-prepared graduates plant strong seeds in the local economy.”

Over the coming year, students in food-related business courses will prepare to participate in multiple industry conferences and competitions, including the William Paterson University National Sales Competition, the National Grocers Association Annual Conference and the Target Case Study Competition.

More information about New Paltz food marketing is available online.