News from Human Resources

Congratulations to the following employees who have been hired, promoted or given permanent or continuing appointment:

LORIN BASDEN ARNOLD has been appointed Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs.

BRIAN ARVANETES (Custodial) has been promoted to Janitor.

CHARLES BATES (Facilities Operations) has been promoted to Locksmith.

W. WAYNE BRUMFIELD has been appointed Interim Vice President for Student Affairs.

JUANTA CARSON (UPD) has been promoted to University Police Investigator 1.

THOMAS EICKELBERG (Athletics) has been hired as Head Swimming Coach/Aquatics Director.

JOSEPH FAGAN (Custodial) has been hired as Cleaner.

LAURA FREER (Custodial) has been hired as Cleaner.

LYNNE LEGATO Has been transferred from the Graduate School to Accounts Payable, where her title will be Office Assistant 2 (Calculations).

ALICIA MEJIAS (EOP) has been hired as EOP Advisor.

BENJAMIN PEARSON (UPD) has been hired as University Police Officer 1.