Child Protection Policy keeping campus visitors safe

A Child Protection Policy developed at SUNY New Paltz in 2015 has now been fully implemented by the Office of Internal Controls, as the College joins other SUNY institutions in establishing clear protocols for securing the well-being of children who participate in sponsored camps and special programs, on and off campus.

Modeled after a SUNY-wide policy that went into effect in 2014, New Paltz’s Child Protection Policy sets clear guidelines for when the College is responsible for the safety of visiting children, describes steps faculty and staff must take to ensure their safety during their participation, and codifies the process for reporting should an incident occur.

Under the new policy, when the College invites children under the age of 17 to activities being held on or off campus, and when these activities are sponsored or approved by SUNY New Paltz, an affiliate or a permitted vendor, the College assumes responsibility for children’s well-being unless parents or designated guardians have also been invited to act in a supervisory role.

These “Covered Activities” can include kid-friendly programs at the Athletic & Wellness Center, camps related to disciplinary exploration such as PianoSummer, or one-time activities like the astronomy shows organized for local children at the John R. Kirk Planetarium.

In each case, the Office of Internal Controls now has a clearly delineated roadmap for reviewing and authorizing the details and organization of planned events, which can include running background checks and creating special identification badges for participating students, faculty and staff who may come into contact with young guests of SUNY New Paltz.

Learn more about the College’s Child Protection Policy on the webpage of the Office of Internal Controls.