Accomplishments, achievements, awards, and distinctions from around New Paltz



Internal and external communication is critical to our Strategic Plan initiatives, continued community building and institutional success. Points of Pride are an outcome of an Administrative Council meeting where we discovered how little we knew about each other’s work and how that forms a barrier to shared knowledge and collaborative and interdisciplinary initiatives.

Collaborative Effort

The Office of Communication and Marketing, in partnership with academic and administrative units, developed Points of Pride. This comprehensive inventory of concrete accomplishments, successes, practices and qualities about each academic and administrative department can be found on department pages and accessed centrally here.

Why create Points of Pride?

We hope that Points of Pride will increase the visibility of our many strengths and provide valuable insights to all of you about each other’s contributions to the character, vitality and prestige of the College. They can be used in our daily language about our own and other departments. They will also inform prospective students and their parents, current students, faculty and staff about the College’s many strengths.

Where to find Points of Pride

In addition to being online, Points of Pride will be shared with the campus community via a weekly “Did You Know?” e-blast each Thursday, on the news hub, social media and digital/campus signage, in print materials, like departmental brochures and posters, and in recruitment resources like our viewbooks.

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