IIB graduation ceremony caps three-week program for international students

IIB students at a visit to Presidio in New York City
IIB students visit  Presidio in New York City

Roughly 100 students and young business professionals from Latin American nations visited SUNY New Paltz this July for the Summer Certificate Program in Business Topics and Business English, which prepares international students for success in the global marketplace. The program is hosted by the College’s Institute for International Business (IIB) and the International Business School of São Paulo, Brazil (IBS-SP), in cooperation with the School of Business.

On July 23, the graduates of the program were recognized in a ceremony at the Student Union Building.

“I’d like to congratulate the outstanding group of students who’ve completed the Summer Certificate Program in business,” said Bruce Sillner, dean of the Center for International Programs. “It’s always a great pleasure to welcome students from the range of countries throughout Latin America that are represented here today. SUNY New Paltz has a long history of engagement with Latin America, and I’m personally impressed with the graduates who contributed to that legacy this summer.”

Sillner was joined in honoring the IIB summer class of ‘15 by IIB Coordinator Jeff Pollard, Kristin Backhaus, dean of the School of Business, James Phillips of the Haggerty English Language Program and Susana Zeido Ethur, faculty representative of the IBS-SP.

The IIB Summer Certificate Program provides an immersive, three-week learning experience consisting of 36 hours of business instruction and 22.5 hours of instruction in business-specific English language and culture. Courses taught by experienced faculty cover topics including corporate financial management, marketing, project management, strategic management and business English.

Additionally, School of Business faculty organized company tours for students to Skanska and Presdio in New York City, as well as prominent local organizations including Health Quest, ErtelAlsop, Vassar College and Alfandre Architecture..

“On behalf of the School of Business, I want to say that we could not be more proud to partner with International Business School of São Paulo,” Backhaus said. “This program is a wonderful opportunity for students from around Latin America to have a new experience in New Paltz, at an institution that is dedicated to education, diversity and international exchange.”

IIB students tour manufacturing facility at ErtelAlsop in Kingston, N.Y.
IIB students tour manufacturing facility at ErtelAlsop in Kingston, N.Y.


More information about the Institute for International Business at SUNY New Paltz is available online.