College hosts annual holiday luncheon for classified staff

As a gesture of appreciation and in recognition of classified staff members’ service, the College hosted the 29th annual Appreciation & Recognition Holiday Luncheon on Wednesday, Dec. 17.

“Our core purpose here is to educate the next generation of citizens. Each of you plays a role in that purpose,” said President Donald P. Christian. “Your work and your commitment make a great difference in our success. Thank you!”

After the lunch, those employees reaching milestones of service were recognized. They include:

20 Years

  •  Alicia Estrada (Facilities)
  • Robert Guidi (Environmental Health & Safety)
  • Nilda Hernandez (Facilities)
  • Judy Lenaerts (Sojourner Truth Library)
  • Lisa Lupini (Mathematics)
  • Leslie Masker (Computer Science)
  • Frank Mergendahl (Facilities)
  • John O’Brien (Facilities)
  • Donna Prestia (Facilities)
  • Tony Prestia (Facilities)
  • Timothy Roberts (Facilities)
  • Valerie Vazquez (Facilities)

25 Years

  •  Yaoming Li (Facilities)
  • Deanna Lorenzo (Communication)
  • Risa Maines (Human Resources)
  • Diane McCarthy (Accounts Payable)
  • Linda Orth (Student Accounts)
  • Donna Provenzano ( University Police)
  • Judy Tozzi (Career Resource Center)

30 Years

  •  Jannette Carcich (Dean’s Office – Liberal Arts & Sciences)
  • Michael Doyle (University Police)
  • Scott Lawton (Facilities)
  • Dorothy Padin (Veteran & Military Services)

35 Years

  • Birgit Klosterman (Career Resource Center)
  • Dale Sutton (Facilities)

Recent Retirees

  • Kip Johnson (Facilities Operations)
  • Mildred Marino (Sojourner Truth Library)
  • Patricia Stewart (Economics)
  • Joseph Stoekert (Sojourner Truth Library)
  • Cecilia Tapley (University Police)
  • Guy Terwilliger (Facilities Operations)
  • Laura Tozzi (Philosophy)