Staff and SUNY Chancellor’s award winner recognized at annual classified staff gathering

JohnRugerMore than 30 SUNY New Paltz classified staff members were recognized on Wednesday, Oct. 1, at the annual classified staff gathering. In addition, John Ruger (Facilities Operations) was also presented with the 2014 Chancellor’s Award for Excellence by President Donald P. Christian and Michele Halstead, vice president  for administration and finance.

Congratulations to:

Communication/ Marketing                    
Julia Verdile (promotion)

Center for Research Regional Education and Outreach (CRREO)/Office of Institutional Research
Christine Wilkins (promotion)

Extended Learning
Cathy Coppinger (promotion)

Sojourner Truth Library
Russell Howitt (promotion)
Cathy Cooper (new)

School of Science & Engineering
Mary Panchyshyn (promotion)

History & Philosophy
Martha Teck (promotion)

Economics and Political Science/International Relations
Erin Stewart (promotion)

Records and Registration
Elizabeth Falcone (new)
Tammy Gray (new)
Jessica Turner (new)

Student Accounts
Stephen Lettis (promotion)

Accounts Payable
Belinda Thoben (promotion)
Diane McCarthy (promotion)
Erica Parker (promotion)

Robyn Ridley (promotion)
Cecily Brown (new)

Facilities Operations & Maintenance
Connor Probst (new)
Iris Stratton (promotion)
Jessica Summers (new)
Reid Kappler (new)

Plant Utility Operations & Maintenance
Andreas Bartlett (new)
Matthew McElrath (new)
Nicholas Newell (new)
Thomas Lopez (new)
Ralph Marrone (promotion)

University Police
Shawn Mattison (new)
Bruce Chambers (promotion)
Joshua Dugan (new)
Donna Provenzano (promotion)
Lucas Palmateer (new)

Student Health Center
Michelle Laudicina (new)

Human Resources
Kat Smith (promotion)