Funds secured to support growing 3D Printing Initiative that benefits the College and Hudson Valley Region

SUNY New Paltz is the recipient of $850,000 dollars in capital funding for a new 3D Printing Laboratory at the College thanks to state funding secured by Senator John Bonacic (Mt. Hope – R/C/I). Since launching its groundbreaking 3D Printing Initiative just over a year ago, SUNY New Paltz has added state-of-the-art 3D printing equipment, forged public-private partnerships with industry leaders, has received great interest from students and faculty, and continues to fulfill project requests from regional businesses.

The Hudson Valley Advanced Manufacturing Center at SUNY New Paltz is the home of this exciting program. The 3D Printing Initiative has grown considerably in the last year. This capital funding allows the College to provide much needed space and strategically locate resources in a high-traffic area where more students, faculty and staff would have greater access. Recently, the Center demonstrated the profound impact of 3D printing technology by making a prosthetic hand for Joseph Gilbert, a six-year-old from Chester, NY.

“I am especially pleased to have been able to secure this state funding for SUNY New Paltz,” says Senator Bonacic. “The college has earned national recognition for its return on investment, as well as being named to the 2015 list of ‘Best Colleges: Region by Region’ by the Princeton Review. I cannot think of any other educational institution in the Hudson Valley better positioned for this high-tech initiative.”

Says SUNY New Paltz President, Donald P. Christian, “SUNY New Paltz’s 3D printing initiative positions the College as the premier regional hub in the Hudson Valley for manufacturing and educational use of this burgeoning technology. The initiative of projects we undertake and the inquiries from regional business and industry grow virtually daily. We are grateful for Senator Bonacic’s strong advocacy in helping to secure $850,000 for much-needed space for this initiative, continuing his long record of support for the College and our mission.”