Tenure & Reappointment

Academic Affairs announces the following continuing appointments and promotions for academic faculty:

Awarded Continuing Appointment and promoted to Associate Professor:

Thomas Albrecht (Art)
Inge Anema (Communication Disorders)
Madeleine Arsenault (Philosophy)
Gregory Bynum (Educational Studies)
Joseph Diamond (Anthropology)
J. Frantz Folmer-Andersen (Chemistry)
David Elstein (Philosophy)
Joel Evans (Music)
Matthew Friday (Art)
Donald Furman (Business)
Caroline Hopenwasser (Elementary Education)
Isidoro Janeiro (Languages, Literatures & Cultures)
Jaclynne Kerner (Art History)
Aleanna Luethi-Garrecht (Art)
Lauren Meeker (Antropology)
Rosemary Millham (Secondary Education)
Matthew Newcomb (English)
H. Lindsey Russo (Elementary Education)
Jonathan Rust (Psychology)
Thomas Sarrantonio (Art)
Eve Tuck (Educational Studies)
Jennifer Waldo (Biology)

Promoted to Full Professor
Kevin Caskey (Business)
Peter Kaufman (Sociology)
Shuguang Liu (Business)
Brian Obach (Sociology)
Jonathan Schwartz (Political Science & International Relations)