Students place in first-ever SUNY-wide music competition

Three musical acts from SUNY New Paltz were selected for inclusion in the first-ever annual SUNY Music Madness competition—a system-wide competition that called upon student musicians from across the state to submit their original music for a chance to be named SUNY Music Madness Champion 2013.

Known in part for the prominence of its music program, SUNY New Paltz is proud to recognize Analise Rios ’16, Angela Crisci ’14, and the group “Upstate Rubdown” for their accomplishments in the competition. After making it into the top 13, these acts went on to secure three of the five top spots in the semifinals, and, eventually, one out of three spots in the finals. With more than 10,000 votes cast by the end of the competition, Analise and EJ finished as runner-up to SUNY Oneonta acts Hello, Seattle and competition champions Somewhere Up There.

About the Artists
A Contemporary Music Studies major with a focus in Pre-Music Therapy,  Crisci has been performing since the age of five, but says “New Paltz is where I became a musician, rather than just a singer.” Grateful for her “tremendous” growth as a musician while at New Paltz, she adds that “There is a lot of talent [at the college],” and says “Being here has inspired me every day.” After graduation, she plans to take a semester off to work on her music, doing volunteer work and performing before returning to New Paltz in the fall to begin a graduate program in music therapy.

A seven-part band that specializes in “locally grown, organic harmonies,” Upstate Rubdown has been an entity in the New Paltz music scene for over a year now. Bassist Harry D’Agostino ’14, who came to New Paltz in part for its music program, says the group is grateful for the musical environment in New Paltz, and especially “the solidarity among bands that really love and respect each others music.” Though several of the group’s members have already graduated, the band has stayed together and plans to remain in the area for the time being.

A second-year theater performance major and Music minor at New Paltz, Rios first began collaborating with friend EJ, a first-year music theory and technology major at Mercy College, when the two met through auditions for musicals in high school. Still in the process of developing their own sound and style, the duo was surprised by their success in the competition. Thankful for the opportunity to participate in the competition with more established acts, they look forward to continuing to grow as musicians as they work together in their new group, Atlantis Bound.