College partners with Village and Town on “good neighbor” initiative

NEW PALTZ – The State University of New York at New Paltz is collaborating with the Village and Town of New Paltz, as well as the New Paltz Police Department, on a “good neighbor” initiative, which aims to address concerns regarding noise, security, and lighting on Plattekill Avenue and other residential streets, and promotes an ongoing partnership between the college, community leaders, and local tavern owners.

“It’s important that our students remember that we all live in a small community and being part of that community comes with responsibilities,” said SUNY New Paltz Police Chief David Dugatkin. “These responsibilities cross over into the Village and Town when visiting there.”

At a recent “town and gown” committee meeting, both the University Police Department and New Paltz Police Department agreed to increase their patrols to help enforce quality of life issues on Plattekill Avenue. According to Dugatkin, “Students can expect to see a greater presence of University Police Officers along the Plattekill Avenue corridor on given days and nights to assure they return home safely and quietly.”

Additionally, the College will work with the tavern owners to develop signage reminding patrons to be good neighbors and act responsibly upon leaving their establishments. The College is also planning to educate students about their rights and responsibilities when living off campus, and the possible consequences of engaging in disruptive and/or unlawful behavior.

“I would like to thank the stakeholders for acting so quickly to implement policies to improve the quality of life and the safety of our students,” said Town Supervisor Susan Zimet. “These efforts came about after a meeting with downtown residents. When you get the right people in the room to solve the problem, problems get solved. There is still more work to be done. We will continue to meet as we work to implement protective measures.”