Hawk Pride Event

This Friday, February 5 at 7:30 p.m. the College is holding a Hawk Pride Event, which will celebrate the women’s volleyball SUNYAC championship by raising their new banner in the Athletic and Wellness Center. During this event the College will also unveil the brand new hawk costume, and officially launch the Athletics and student pride-related graphic identity program.

This new graphic identity program was developed under the auspices of the Brand Marketing Task Force in 2009, and is designed to identify our Athletic teams visually; to promote strength, character and energy; to make a strong statement for the College, Athletics, and Wellness and Recreation and to generate pride in our students’ co-curricular accomplishments.

Details for the “Name our Mascot” contest will be unveiled, including how one lucky student will win an iPod Touch, courtesy of Campus Auxiliary Services. Free gifts to attendees will include t-shirts and temporary tattoos.