New Paltz alums pledge $10,000 to support School of Business

NEW PALTZ — Lawrence E. Bauer, class of ’90, and Joan Lawrence-Bauer, class of ’93, have pledged $10,000 to the School of Business at the State University of New York at New Paltz to support a wide variety of new student-centered programs.

Mr. Bauer, who earned a Master of Arts degree in Literature and Mrs. Bauer, who earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communication and Media Studies, have been longtime supporters of a wide variety of SUNY New Paltz activities.

Mrs. Lawrence-Bauer, a member of the School of Business Advisory Council and the chairperson of its Outreach Committee is the leader of the school’s outreach and fund-raising activities. Once a faculty member at the school, Mrs. Lawrence-Bauer also has supported the School of Business through regular sponsorship of internship and job opportunities for students, service as a mentor to assigned students and frequent stints as a guest speaker for business student associations. Inducted into the School of Business Hall of Fame in 2004, Mrs. Lawrence-Bauer is also the immediate past chairperson of the Ulster County Chamber of Commerce and a member of the board of the Delaware County Industrial Development Agency.

Mr. Bauer, a retired businessman and former teacher at Onteora High School, shares his wife’s passion for working with students. Having been a national sales manager for Head Ski Company and the owner of Puckihuddle Products manufacturing, Mr. Bauer understands the importance of connecting business students with the “real world” as they go through their formal education process.

“We are thrilled to be able to make this sort of commitment to the school,” said Mr. Bauer. “We hope it will inspire others to do the same thing so we can see continued improvement in both facilities and programs.”

Hadi Salavitabar, dean of the School of Business, said, “Joan Lawrence-Bauer and Larry Bauer have devoted a significant amount of time and efforts to help and improve the School of Business educational activities and now they are investing in the School of Business with their generous donation, which will provide the school with resources to offer educational activities to students that would have not been possible otherwise.”

“Joan Lawrence-Bauer has been the untiring and devoted champion of promoting the School of Business in the region, initiating and facilitating many educational programs such as the Leadership Seminar Series, research projects, outreach activities, and internships for our students, school and business community,” said Salavitabar. “The investment of time and expertise as well as the financial support from Mrs. Joan Lawrence-Bauer and Mr. Larry Bauer clearly demonstrates their dedication to the education of our students and well-being of our region. They are the stars and leaders of the School of Business and our community.”

College President, Steven Poskanzer, said, "I’m delighted with this kind gift. It reflects the generosity of spirit that characterizes both Joan and Larry. Joan’s leadership is energizing and recasting the outreach and fund-raising activities of our Business Advisory Council. This gift demonstrates as well Joan and Larry’s concern for students’ learning experience here at the college.”

To acknowledge their generous gift, the School of Business will dedicate one study area in van den Berg Hall in the name of Mrs. Lawrence-Bauer and Mr. Bauer.

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