First Annual SUNY New Paltz Alumni Softball Game

NEW PALTZ, NY — The SUNY New Paltz Softball Team would like to thank all those who participated in the first annual alumni game on Saturday September 24, 2005.

Kristen Ackerman (Class of ’03), Katie Monahan (Class of ’03), Michelle Lever (Class of ’03), Trish Casio (Class of ’03), Val Blackman (Class of ’04), Jess Schropfer (Class of ’05), Brynn “Broadhurst” Treloar (Class of ’05), Kristi Calvacca (Class of ’05), Jen Born (Class of ’05).

In efforts to make next year’s game an even bigger success we would like to welcome back all of our softball alumni, please contact Head Softball Coach Brad Duckworth at (845) 257-3923. Next years game is scheduled for the last Saturday in the month of September.