New Paltz Freshman Class Fills Early for Second Consecutive Year

NEW PALTZ — For the second consecutive year, SUNY New Paltz has filled its upcoming fall freshman class by the May 1 National Candidates Reply Deadline. With the 2000 freshman class full, the university will return deposits to individuals who missed the deadline. Prospective students whose deposits are returned have the option of postponing their entrance to New Paltz or making plans to begin their studies elsewhere.

“Closing admissions on the May 1 reply deadline is a relatively rare occurrence nationwide,” according to L. David Eaton, vice president for enrollment management. “It has only occurred twice in SUNY in recent memory at Binghamton University in the mid-1990’s, and most recently, at New Paltz last year.”

Time Magazine/Princeton Review 2000 College Guide recently cited New Paltz as being one of the three most selective undergraduate institutions in SUNY. “As the number of applications from high school graduates exceeds the level of seats available for new students, this dynamic is likely to occur more frequently within SUNY. We receive approximately 10 applications for each seat in the class. This affords the university the opportunity to be selective. This provides an advantage to students entering the university they will be studying and living with other students who are, like themselves, academic achievers,” said Eaton.

“Being able to close our freshman class by this date continues to validate the view that New Paltz is a highly desirable university,” stated President Roger Bowen. “The public recognizes and values the New Paltz educational experience. The best and the brightest students are eager to become part of our university community. Our admissions success is evidence of the effort to create a truly student-centered environment at New Paltz.”

“With a freshman enrollment target of 950 and a 5% increase in freshmen applications, admission to the university has become very selective,” stated Mary Claire Bauer, dean of admissions. “Candidates for fall 2000 have an average high school GPA of 89, between 1130 and 1140 composite SAT score, and a challenging academic high school transcript. We anticipate that nearly half of the freshmen class will enter having completed college credit through such programs as the College Board’s Advanced Placement or bridge programs between colleges and high schools. This is an academically strong and motivated group.”

For the second year, SUNY New Paltz is offering first semester freshmen the opportunity to begin their university careers abroad at Kingston University in London, England. SUNY New Paltz is the only public university to offer a first semester study abroad program, and one of only four institutions nationwide. Thus far, more than 100 freshmen have expressed an interest in participating in this unique program, generating competition for the 15 available spots.