Michael Gayle Named Teacher of the Year at SUNY New Paltz

NEW PALTZ — Michael Gayle, a faculty member in the department of psychology at the State University of New York at New Paltz, has been selected as the Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher of the Year. Gayle was recommended to the dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences by a committee chosen by the dean to review nominations.

Gayle is a “superb and extraordinary teacher,” committee members said in making their recommendation. “His teaching exemplifies so many of the qualities that are desired in an extraordinary teacher: creativity and clarity in presentation or material, accessibility, attentiveness and dedication to individual student needs for assistance, [and] promoting an active teaching and learning environment where students feel that their own participation in class discussion contributes to the body of material being taught.”

Benjamin said that, “Dr. Gayle’s persistent and continuing commitment to the achievement of teaching excellence is extremely strong. By challenging his students, he is able to provide them with rigorous, intellectually stimulating courses in a supportive environment. It is clear that Gayle inspires students by example and encourages them to stretch their abilities beyond their own expectations.

Michael Gayle has already helped to make New Paltz a better university in the time he has been with us, and is clearly a colleague who will contribute substantially to assuring the excellence of education here in decades to come,” added Benjamin.

Gayle, a cognitive psychologist, came to New Paltz in 1993 teaching undergraduate and graduate levels in his field, as well as in experimental psychology. Gayle is a product of the SUNY system. His bachelor’s degree is from SUNY Purchase and his master’s and doctoral degrees are from SUNY Stony Brook.