NEW PALTZ — The State University of New York at New Paltz will host approximately 25 Chinese high school principals who will visit area schools on May 11 and 12 to learn how teachers and administrators are prepared and trained. The principals will visit classes and tour high schools in New Paltz and Kingston and have the opportunity to meet with faculty and administration from both schools.

They will also hear presentations by faculty and administrators from the SUNY New Paltz School of Education on a variety of subjects concerning school administration, curriculum and funding. These include the management of public and private schools, how to obtain funding from the community and businesses, faculty hiring and training, motivation and leadership, and the role of information technology in curriculum and administration.

The visit by the Chinese principals is outgrowth of an educational exchange program, 2 + 2, run by SUNY New Paltz and the American Education & Cultural Foundation, in conjunction with the Chinese Government. Since 1994, 2 + 2 has been sponsoring Chinese students who spend two years of college in China and then come to SUNY New Paltz to complete their studies in business, education, computer science and other subjects.

“Building a good relationship with these Chinese high school principals will help bring more students into 2 + 2 and other educational programs on campus,” said Hadi Salavitabar, director of Business Programs at SUNY New Paltz, who works closely with the American Education & Cultural Foundation.

While in the New Paltz area, the high school principals will visit such sites as Mohonk Mountain House and the Roosevelt Mansion at Hyde Park. Their two-week tour will also include visiting high schools in California and Connecticut and making tourist stops in Washington, DC and Hawaii.