ATTENTION: Students SUBJECT: Cancellation and Delays Due to Inclement Weather and Other Emergency Conditions

NEW PALTZ — Faculty, staff and students who work and attend SUNY New Paltz come from a wide geographical area and weather conditions often will vary a great deal. Classes will be canceled or delayed by the College only under extreme circumstances, such as severely inclement weather in the immediate vicinity of the New Paltz campus and only at a time that is early enough to provide ample notification to students and faculty who might be affected by the change. Daytime classes and offices will be canceled, closed or delayed because of weather conditions when parking areas and campus walks cannot be cleared or when local roads are impassable. Individuals should use their own and best judgement when attempting to assess whether or not to make the commute when the College remains open and seemingly treacherous conditions exist in their region.

The announcement to cancel or delay classes and/or close or delay the opening of offices will be made as early as possible, usually by 7:00 a.m. for day classes and offices and by 2:00 p.m. for evening classes. Radio stations listed below will be contacted and requested to make appropriate announcements.

Since the College student body includes both a resident and a commuting population, faculty are expected to hold classes if at all possible in order to serve the resident students as well as those commuting students who are able to travel to class. Faculty are also requested to permit students to make up work missed when severe weather conditions prevent some commuting students from traveling to campus when classes are in session. These same general principles apply to College classes offered at off-campus locations. In those cases where individual faculty members are unable to travel to campus or to an off-campus location because of local weather conditions, and classes have not been canceled by the College, faculty are expected to take the responsibility for notifying their students that class will not be held. In order for notification to be effective, arrangements for a system of chain telephone calls should be made by the faculty member and the students at the beginning of the semester.

The decision to cancel or delay either daytime or nighttime classes will be made on the basis of conditions that exist at the time of decision-making and not, ordinarily, on weather forecasts.

A delay in the start of classes represents a cancellation of classes prior to the delayed start; e.g., a delay to start classes at 10:30 a.m. means that the 8:30 and 9:30 classes are canceled for that day and students should consult instructors about any make-up arrangements for classes missed due to a delay. A delay or cancellation of daytime classes will usually be accompanied by a delay in office openings.

If inclement weather or other occurrence should force the College Administration to cancel any final examinations, those examinations will be rescheduled at the end of the regular examination period. Residence Life and Food Service will accommodate those students who may be forced to delay their departure from the campus.

Office of the President
December, 1998

List of radio stations notified in the event of delays or cancellations:


  • WGY — 810 AM
  • WRVE — 99.5 FM


  • WBNR — 1260 AM
  • K104 — 104.7 FM


  • WCKL — 560 AM
  • WHUC — 1230 AM
  • WCTW — 98.5 FM
  • WTHK — 93.3 FM


  • WELV — 1370 AM

Hyde Park:

  • WHVW– 950 AM


  • WKNY — 1490 AM
  • WGHQ — 920 AM
  • WBPM — 94.3 FM


  • WVOS — 1240 AM
  • 95.9 FM


  • WALL — 1340 AM
  • WNNJ — 1490 AM
  • WRRV — 92.7 (96.9) FM
  • WZAD — 97.3 FM


  • WSUL — 98.3 FM


  • WGNY — 1200 AM

SUNY/New Paltz:

  • WFNP — 88.7 FM


  • WHUD — 100.7 FM

Port Jervis:

  • WNNJ — 1490 AM
  • WTSX — 96.7 FM


  • WBWZ — 93.3 FM
  • WCZX — 97.7 FM
  • WEOK — 1390 AM
  • WKIP — 1450 AM
  • WPDH — 101.5 FM
  • Q92 — 92.1 FM
  • WRWD — 107.3 FM


  • WDST — 100.1 FM

Off Campus Students: If you reside in an area in which you are unable to receive any of the above stations, please contact the Office of Public Affairs (257-3245) with the call letters of a local radio station that will make such an announcement. We will contact the station and request that it make SUNY/New Paltz delay and cancellation announcements when contacted by an appropriate College official.