NEW PALTZ — Adelaide Haas and Susan L. Puretz, faculty members at the State University of New York at New Paltz, have written “The Woman’s Guide to Hysterectomy” (Berkeley, California: Celestial Arts, 1995. $14.95), a 294- page soft-cover book that is both a practical catalog of the latest medical information, as well as much needed reassurance for anyone facing a hysterectomy.

Writing in the introduction about how the book came to be written, Haas points out that after researching the medical literature, she recognized a significant void in the available material: the patient’s point of view. “Women want to know more than technical facts,” she states. “We also want to know how other women feel and react before, during, and after this surgery.”

In the “Woman’s Guide to Hysterectomy,” authors Haas and Puretz address common fears, expectations, and questions regarding risks and after-effects. They talk about the benefits of a second diagnosis and diagnostic tests, as well as outpatient procedures and preparation for surgery. Also covered is life after hysterectomy, from postoperative care to recovery and recuperation to sex and sexuality. The book also contains a thorough 17-page glossary of terminology.

Haas and Puretz write from their own firsthand experiences with hysterectomies as well as nearly three years of extensive research. Determined to provide other women with more complete and accurate information than they had, they decided to collaborate in the writing of this book.

As stated in their introduction, “One in three women has had this procedure by the time she reaches age 65. For many women, hysterectomy is their first and only major surgery. Hysterectomies are performed more than any other surgical procedure in the United States, with the exception of birth by Cesarean section.”

Their joint effort has produced one of the most comprehensive books on hysterectomy to date. Joanne Sulewski, M.D. an associate professor at SUNY Buffalo Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Endocrinolgy, commenting on “The Woman’s Guide to Hysterectomy” said the book “has honest, personal insight for a sensitive concern, it’s easy to read, it has a scientific perspective, as well as a feminine viewpoint. It’s an excellent book.”

Adelaide Haas has a doctorate in speech pathology from Columbia University. She is a professor of communication and has served as chair of the department of communication for the past seven years. Haas has been a member of the New Paltz faculty for the past 25 years. A previous book, “Understanding Sexuality,” written with Kurt Haas and first published in 1987, is now in its third edition has been translated into Chinese and published in Beijing.

Susan Puretz has a doctorate in dance and health education from New York University. She is a professor of health and physical education and chair of the department of physical education for the past year. Puretz has taught at New Paltz for 24 years, and is the author of two books and numerous articles on a variety of topics from dance and fitness to hiking and health.

To order a copy of The Woman’s Guide to Hysterectomy contact Celestial Arts, P.O. Box 7123, Berkeley, CA 94707, (510)559-1600. The authors may be contacted through the Office of Public Affairs at (845) 257-3245 or e-mail: