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Signing Love, Hope and Faith through Art

Students Enrolled in “Elementary American Sign Language 2” created beautiful works of art that showcase Deaf culture, history and community while sharing messages of faith, hope and unity in uncertain times.

View a gallery of the students’ work below.

“Love” by Rachel Hayes ’22 (Communication Disorders)

“Have Faith” by Lauren Lasker ’21 (Communication Disorders)

“Hope” by Addie Gerber ’20 (Theatre Arts)

“Change” by Taylorann Torre ’20 (Communication Disorders) – “From a time when we were all together in Unit 9, I remember the sign for change, adapt, convert always sticking out to me for some reason. Now this seems to be our reality. Together we are trying to navigate through this big change.”

“Together” by Jillian Dziengiel ’21 (Biology) – “This piece emphasizes the unity that the deaf community shows. Especially in times like these we as people as a whole must stick together to overcome these boundaries.”