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Low Tide

By Cheyenne Heinen ’21g (Adolescence Education: English)

I have been a low tide at six in the morning and six in the evening.
I come out at six this morning
to play at people’s feet until the sun goes down and it is dark
and I must go back to be a whole ocean
alone at night.
While the moon seductively pulls me towards him, I’d like to go to live with him.
But the weight of my world’s gravity
pulls me back home
where a category four hurricane rips me into a fury
and I rage fists of waves towards the shore
that never leaves
and no one wants to be with me.
No one wants to drag their happy coolers through the sand,
lay their towels down
with their friends, our friends
and stay for a while
because I am so angry.
Another force cries hot tears of rain,
and a surfer launches his joyful hobbies into my furious waves
and I launch him out.
Not because I don’t want him here, but because I don’t want him here today.
Other forces have made me angry
and the shore mocks me with her stillness
and I launch the surfer too hard, into a rock and I hurt him
and he never comes back to express his interest in me.
When the hurricane dissipates, the sun comes out
at six in the morning
he brightens me out low tide,
new people plant their chairs on the shore
each family too far apart
and the shore stands still while I rise and crash my healing waves.
My friends run to me, beseeching me to soothe their feet
that the shore just scorched on purpose.
They like me
They want to be here
They want to touch me
I want to touch them, so I stretch out and feel my friends.
Sometimes I knock expensive cameras out of hands and wallets out of pockets
on accident.
And they frantically rip my waves apart trying to take back the happiness,
the happiness I just evoked
but I can’t give it back to them.
My impulsive waves have destroyed it.
So, they leave without return.
Then the sun goes down and other forces pull me into low tide
and I go home,
where I don’t want to be.
But the moon never forgets to flirt with me every night,
his gravity begs me to come live with him
but my gravity makes that impossible.
I recede into myself, into an inescapable ocean
and drown
waiting for other forces to change me in the morning.