Last weekend I decided to go skiing. It was pretty spontaneous because I didn’t even know we were going as I was just one more name on the waiting list. To my surprise, they called us two days before Saturday and we had the pleasure to go to Hunter Mountain.

I already knew how to ski, but it had been like 2 years since I hadn’t put a pair of skis so I can say I was a bit nervous at the beginning but still, so excited. After practicing a couple of times in the blue and green mountain, I had the guts to go  down a black diamond mountain for the first time in my life! Even though I fell down two or three times, nothing happened and I don’t fear any mountain now.

Skiing is such a wonderful experience and Hunter Mountain is definitely the place to be because of the beautiful view and nature you experience. That feeling of adrenaline through all of my veins and the unlimited speed I could experience down every slight turn, hill or steep path is priceless.

Skiing while it snows and feeling the chilly wind in your face is truly amazing!