Food is life!

Food, everyones favorite thing! For a student food becomes a big deal, you always find that eating is more important then homework, workout, and homework.. Since we moved here we’ve been eating a lot of different things and I just wanted to show you a small selection of all of the food.

"Mummy can you make me some.." take-out?!!


After 3 weeks of Living in America we can finally say that we are really starting to feel like at home here in New Paltz. We have all become friends, collected fun stories from our trips and nights out to tell people back home, but we are also developing our everyday habits especially when it comes to food. It is safe to say that Spring 2013 IIB students are definitely embracing the food culture and just might gain a few pounds during our stay 🙂 Personally when it comes to cooking I get really lazy, so the fact that here at Super 8  there isn’t a real kitchen has probably not influenced much my choice of diet. We all know this is the true food story of every student on the planet, so as protocol instead of trying to eat healthy I am gladly feeding on big portions of my beloved pizza served by “Mummy take-out”. As I am now becoming an expert on New Paltz pizza I thought I would share some of my insights with anyone interested:

  • Pasquale’s Pizza & Restaurant: I’m guessing these guys really love us because at this rate thanks to our orders they’ll shortly be able to take a vacation to the Caribbean 🙂 Comments aside, I really like their food generally speaking. There is a lot to choose from and they are pretty fast at delivery. Personally I really like the fact that they have a lot of available sizes when it comes to pizza, so If I’m not that hungry I don’t have to waste food.
  • Rino’s Pizza: I think that their pizza is probably the closest to the Italian style one because it’s lighter: less thick and charged of ingredients. Thumbs up!
  • Rocco’s Pizzeria: We tried their pizza the first night here in New Paltz. It was really good, tasty and rich. I loved it but I would recommend to be really hungry if eating an entire pizza alone..after one slice I was totally full!

So as for food I have back home I can’t really complain since there are 3 valid pizzerias to choose from. Now to my next task: find good espresso, the real Italian “must have” 😉

A couple of quick shots from Labor Day weekend

As someone mentioned a couple of days ago, all of us went roadtripping this weekend. Some went straight to Washington DC while others went to Atlantic City on Friday, Washington DC on Saturday and Philadelphia on Sunday. I guess there will be a couple of posts about this but I’ll start with some pictures, more to come….

First stop, Jersey shore. First burgers for the weekend (but certainly not last). A funny thing was that a couple of the IIB students just happened to meet up at this stop.
<img class="aligncenter" title="First stop"
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