I love Meatpacking District

Last Saturday , I went to NYC for the third weekend in a row since we came to New Paltz. My plan was to stay in New York during the day and then take my wonderful Trailsway bus back at 11:30 .

I walked all afternoon, tried to lose myself in the beauty of Manhattan buildings. (I have a Lonely Planet , but really , I’ve never used it). I can not get used to the height of these buildings. Usually, I feel really small when I see the world from my 1.60 cm. These buildings may be huge but I feel alive, like I’m in my own world and while a bit like an ant.

Anyway, in the evening I met some Italian friends for a happy hour at The Standard ( view from the rooftop is really awesome ) and to eat a real Italian pizza al Luzzo ‘s in the East Village ( Roberto Benigni , the actor of La vita è bella was unreasonable beside me).

In fact, when the clock struck 11:20 , I did’n’t felt like to leave the city , it was ” too early ” . I decided to miss the bus and fall in the vibrant feeling of the New York nightlife . We went to a bar in the Meatpacking District , this area is something amazing . In the end I came back to the Super 8 on Sunday afternoon.

Below is a selfie, made ​​at the motel at 05:17

” New York, New York, so good they named it twice ”

me after club

me after club

#no filters 🙂

The Pleasers bringing back that Motown vibe

A few weeks ago we went to one of the local bars, SNUGS HARBOUR to listen to a local band called The Pleasers playing. I didn’t know anything about the band before, I only heard about them because one of the singers goes to the same class as some of the other IIB-students.

Anyway, the band was amazing! They played Motown Music from Marvin Gaye, Jackson5 etc. as well as a song by Amy Winehouse and also their own songs which is in the same type of music style. Everybody was dancing like crazy!

If you get the chance, go see The Pleasers playing!

Snugs is one of the best places here in New Paltz just because they have very nice staff, a cozy atmosphere, nice vibe and always live music. Don’t miss this place when you’re here!