Plus Tax

I guess this is another post about cultural differences or better said, customs. For US citizen this post might not make that much sense, but I think some others foreigners might feel identified.

Bills and Coins

Being an accounting guy living on a tight budget, makes me think carefully when shopping. That is why I always add up in my head my groceries and almost everything I buy. But this seem not to work in this country.

I  come from a country that if a product has a price at the shelf, that is the price you will pay to get it.  Taxes are still there, and believe me they are high, but since they are already included. It’s been over a month and still I can’t get used to paying everything a different price from the one posted.

I didn’t notice this effect at full size until my credit card statement got to my e-mail, and believe me, it is a BIG difference. So, this is my humble advice to travelers, when you make plans and trips, take into account Uncle Sam’s cut, because one way or the other, he will reach your pockets!