How to prepare for an interview

Everybody here at the IIB program need to prepare for an internship interview, follow the list and you will be well prepared!

1. Write a Resume. The resume should only be one page and you should just write those experience that are related for the job you are applying for- so not your life’s story. The layout should be clean and without a picture. See how in the picture slide!

2. Well, the first thing that you could do is to be sure that you have the right clothes for the interview. Here in the U.S they have a strict dresscode for the interview. Although some of us have been to interviews and felt quite overdressed. If you are a women you should wear a knee long skirt, a blouse, jacket and pumps. And if you are a man, a suit of course!

3. You have to prepare for the questions that the interviewer will ask you. We got a booklet with different questions, “Tell me about your self”, “What is your strengths/ weakness?”, “Tell me about your last job” and “Why do you want an internship at our company?” etc. It’s good to be prepared! And it’s good to look up different words that you might use to sound more professional in the interview.

4. When you know which company you are going to you should read about the company. Google it!

5. Now should you be prepared so:  Good Luck!