Turning dreams into plans…

In a blink of an eye everything has become possible…. I’ve always wanted to have the experience of living in an American small college town and at last the time has come. People seem so nice, happy and it’s contagious! Local coffee shops, restaurants and pubs start taking place for laughter and emerging traditions. Super 8 starts feeling like home and the internationals like family. Being open to new cultures is the best thing you can ever do because you grow and learn so much from each other.

This is just the beggining of the perfect experience!

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Woodbury Common

When the whole class decided to go to Boston, me (Therese), Daniela, Jenny, Kathy and Maja decided to go shopping instead.

We called a cab that came at 10 am and he drove us to Woodbury in 30 minutes. When we arrived we were like crazy, we did run to all the stores and it was so much fun because everything was so cheap!

So I will definitely recommend all to go to Woodbury common! And I will definitely go back soon!

Happy Shopping!