Sleep no more at McKittrick Hotel

Sleep no more at McKittrick Hotel.

Yes, we had the chance to experience one of the craziest Halloween parties in NYC at the famous McKittrick Hotel. Listed as one of the top five places to go during Halloween in the city, I can tell that we had loads of fun!

After hours and hours of preparation (including creepy make-up made by our professional Halloween make-up artist Emilia) we entered this crazy place which was decorated like a haunted house, with several floors and little tunnels. ThReady for Halloween.e people inside the hotel were supposed to lose each other and the organizers of the event did a great job since our group of almost fifteen people totally split up because the place was so confusing. Really scary and I felt like in a movie. Draculas and ghosts were dancing above our heads while the guests were swinging their skeletons to groovy beats. It was hard to capture the ambiance in pictures but this here gives at least a little bit of an idea. And for all of you who got curious – just go there next year and check it out on your own, it’s worth it !