First day in New York City


Yesterday we arrived in New York City!
The place where we live is a lot smaller than the place where we used to live (Super 8), but I don’t think we will spend too much time in our room. New York it is too exciting to stay at home! There are so many things to do! And we are going to work full time from Monday to Friday.

We live in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The area is nice and here are many pubs, restaurants, and shops around here.

Yesterday we went to buy few things to personalize our rooms such as carpets, lamps, mirrors, etc. In each floor there are 9 double rooms and 3 bathrooms. In each room there are sheets, blankets, and towels, but some of us bought new ones to feel more “at home”. In the basement we have a kitchen and an area with washing machines and dryers.

Tomorrow it is our first day at work. My internship is at Gyro. It is a Marketing Agency in Chelsea. I look forward!