First week of Internship!

Here’s a brief Q&A about the first week of work in NYC!


How did your first few day go? The first days were crazy fast, during the weekend we did so many things that I didn’t even realized that Monday arrived.

Was it a challenge to be on-time? It’s not a problem to be on time as I take the 1 train to Columbus Circle and I walk few block to Madison Avenue. I start working at 9 so I can easily take the metro before 8:30am. Sometimes I still have time for breakfast before walking in the office. I’m late just if I have troubles with my tie!

Are you comfortable interacting with your colleague and supervisor? After five days at work I can say that I am comfortable with most of my colleagues, also my supervisor is very nice even if she’s busy all the time. So I actually still don’t know when to ask her things.

How is the work? The tasks are indeed starting easy but my effort was 100% in them so they are already really pleased of what I did. They are impressed that I already did so many things in few days of work and I had to do so many different things: flow charts, creating new reports, contacting investors, service providers…

Are you taking good notes? I usually take notes of what my boss says in order to do right everything. It can be difficult to understand where to find things if you don’t know where to look. So ask her from time to time if I really don’t know what to do, otherwise I try to work on my own.

I also take note of the things that I don’t know like organizations or specific financial documents, so that I can look at them when I have spare time. You can easily find Wikipedia up in one of my monitors.

What may you need to do differently to get the result you are hoping for? On Thursday I moved from the desk they originally gave me into the same room where the CFO, my supervisor, and the controller are. I really enjoyed that day because I could experience working with them, even if I did less than the other days as I was less concentrated. I am in fact usually in an open space next to that room but on my own, so I’ll probably ask them if could join their room in order to get involved in more things.

What is one new strategy you may adopt for next week?Next week I hope to receive a project that could take me more than one to be completed so that I have to organize the time and operations among 2-3 days.


And here’s where I work! 26th floor, 590 Madison Avenue!