Buyer's Guide: Textbooks

On our first day, Jeff told us that the books for our classes were going to be expensive. However, in accordance with every class Jeff has ever supervised, our reaction was more or less “oh my God”!

The price I was supposed to pay for the two required textbooks summed up to $475. Well, we did know before we got here that textbooks would cost us around $400, but it still hurts to pay that kind of money for books that you will have to sell for a few pennies just six weeks later. (Unless you have room for 7 pounds worth of books in your suitcase, which I doubt.)

Luckily, there are other options than to buy the books from the local bookstore. The obvious place to take a first look would be Amazon, and I felt like there was no reason for any further research. I ended up renting one of them for $62, and if I got it all right, I will be able to sell the other one back to Amazon for a net cost of $89.

That’s a total of $151 and leaves me with almost $325 to spend on something else, jayy!


Hungry Text Book