Almost Lost it…

Port_Authority_Bus_Terminal_interiorIt has been quite a fast-pace week so far here in New Paltz and in New York. Weather has been changing constantly, as you can tell from previous posts, and it is almost impossible to tell when are we going to be cold or hot. Anyway, weather apart, I have had many activity in my schedule and I like it. Just this Wednesday I had my first two job interviews in the city and had to wake up early to catch the bus. Misael, Gaby and I went to the city to have interviews.

When I arrived to NYC, I had to split from Gaby and Misael because I had to catch the subway to get Downtown. I was eager to meet my first two interviewers, and get to know more about the company I was applying for. So I first went straight to the building to make sure it was not a wrong address, and it was not. When it was about time, I went inside the building and had my interview – quite a nice and relaxed interview. Afterwards, I had lunch alone because I had to run to my second interview, which was really close from the first one (like one block away).

By 3:00 PM I had both interviews completed and I was released from any meeting in the city, so Gaby and I decided to go for a walk and Misa decided to go other way. We went to a departamental store down the city and we had dinner at a restaurant near the bus terminal. Everything was going great, smoothly, until we realised we had to catch the bus at 7:30 PM and it was already 7:15 PM. We ran to the bus terminal and we wanted to get a coffee, so we stopped 5 minutes to get one there. Her coffee was ready, but mine was not. After 2 minutes I had my coffee served and we ran again to the bus. We arrived and saw nobody at the gate. A guy asked us where we wanted to go and he said that our bus was just leaving. Finally, I knocked at the bus door and the driver opened it for us without a great mood by the way – He was already moving the bus!

I just had my two first interviews!

It has been a strange week with snow, sun and monsoon-type rain here in New Paltz. I really liked the snow but I was chocked when I woke up the next day with a 25 degree difference in temperature (from -13c to +12c in 24 hours!!). For Gaby’s birthday we had around -20 and windy. Was literally too cold to function!!

So today was the big day when I finally got to go to NYC for some interviews. I had my first interview at 2 pm and I think it went pretty good. It was very casual and the prospective supervisor seemed really nice. It is a position in HR and I think that it could be a great way to learn the “ground work” of HR.

After training for our interviews with Martha and Jeff I am a bit surprised that both interviews today were so casual. The first interview took about 50 minutes and it was more of a conversation than anything else. I like it and it makes me feel more comfortable but I think I was expecting an interrogation…? The second interview was also very casual, we talked for about 25-30 minutes and I think I had the same amount of questions as he did. I really liked the position and he was great but the competition feels sky high. Well well, I guess I will know if I went through to round 2 next week 🙂

That was all from me for this time! 🙂ny-winter-snow-usa-800x1280

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"What questions do you have for me?"

Hello everyone, I wasn’t able to post during the weekend because I was studying for my taxes exam, which I had on monday an actually did pretty good. So as you may think the weekend wasn’t fun at all, except for gaby’s birthday (which was on Saturday) we went to Pascquales to have lunch and then went back to the hotel.

Today was a pretty interesting day, I had my first two interviews!!! I wasn’t  nervous as I thought I would be. My first interview was with  Company A. I had my interview at 11 am but at last minute it was delay until 11:30 am, I waited for Mr. X for 30 min and when he arrived he just told me “What questions do you have for me?” and he started to talk about the interns responsabilities and what he expected from the intern, he was a really nice person. The interview was really short it last 15 minutes. I went to Urban Outffiters and waited for my second interview which was at Company B at 3 pm. I arrived on time at the company and it was a really weird and fast interview. Mrs Y the woman who interview me, just ask me to tell her about myself and why did I choose the company, after that she asked me the same question as Mr. X… “What questions do you have for me?” I asked her about the interns responsabilities and what was their role, she explained to me and kept asking me “What questions do you have for me?”. The interview lasted 5 minutes, t was weird and I don’t what to think, if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. Anyways I enjoyed my busy day at NYC but I missed PR and Joan  ):






The awkward interview

New York Times Square

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Time for interviews, even though our advisers are always supporting us and sending our resumes to every possible company, we do have to search for ourselves, and that is what I did. I started to search for options, many of them captured my attention, companies such as Red Bull, Tech Day, T3, Foursquare etc. offered very interesting internships; nevertheless, almost none of them replied but one. XYZ company (could not use names) dedicated to the rent of spaces in order for entrepreneurs and startups to be able to work in a creative space, offering them quality networking and events. It was Friday 5th, when I received an email from the the CEO of the company, asking me if I was able for an Skype interview the next day. I totally said yes and prepare myself. The next day I took the interview even though she was almost 30 minutes late. The interview went well, but she asked me to made some research about startups promoted by the different consulates in NYC, I though this was a type of challenge in order to prove my skills, so I did my best and set a second interview for the following Wednesday.
On Wednesday I was ready at 10 am to talk her, but she was not, I waited for her to call, I sent her an email, and I actually sent her messages through Skype, I was really confused, but then I thought maybe she was very busy and could not take the call, so I sent her an email in order to set a new date. The same day, I received an email during the evening, no explanation from her, only a request for me to answer when I would be able again to talk to her. I got a little bit upset since I did not know if it was a cultural difference or if she really was like that. Then, I replied, and asked her if she was available the next day at 11 am. She did not reply, tough, I was 11 am sharp with my Skype open and my research at hand, and guess what? she was not there! I could not believe, I waited 30 minutes and then I sent an email asking her if she was still interested on giving me the opportunity to work at District Co Work.

She replied the email until Sunday, asking me if I could go and visit the offices the next day, I was very surprised and happy, so without question I replied and set an appointment at 9:30 am.

The next day I woke up at 5:30 am, I took the bus to NYC at 7:05 and got there almost at 9 am, I took a coffee and waited for the time to come. When I arrived, she was not there, so I had to wait again, it did not took so long when she arrived and asked me to join her at her office, she asked me some questions about my current courses, and then she asked me about my research. I have to mention, she was very strict in her questions, I was not feeling very welcomed and I thought she was acting a little condescending. When she gave me feedback about my research, she was actually talking me as if I was already working for her, which I did not like since she have not even explained me everything well.

Then, she asked me at what time I was going to leave since I had class that day, I said I was able until 11 since the bus will leave at 11:20. She took advantage of this and asked me to stay there improving my research, again I did not know what to say and stayed there. She took a phone call and left the room, it was 11 am, I had to go and she was not there. I took a look around the place so I could say thanks and leave, but as soon as I found her she made a sign with her fingers telling me to wait. I could not wait for her, so I sent her an email with the spreadsheet attached, telling her I was very thankful for her time and apologizing for leaving. I also asked her if the internship was paid or not since it was really important for me to know that if I would be working under that kind of pressure.

She sent me two emails, the first one asking me to send her the word document, my first thought when reading that was (really?), then the second email said: “Thank you. Regarding to the internship payment, please refer to the post from Indeed, it is an unpaid internship, but I am sure you will learn a lot. Tell me if you are still interested.” Obviously I was not interested anymore, so I decided to wait until Thursday to have my other interviews and then decide. So here I am still waiting for my next interviews, wish me luck!
Like a final comment, one friend always tells me everything happens for a reason, you always learn something, and for sure something better is waiting for you. So let us not be negative and keep looking forward!

My coldest birthday ever


Last Saturday 13th of February was my 22nd birthday. And one day before I have read on the news that it was going to get really cold, but I didn´t imagine that it was going to get that cold.

As always during the morning I normally wake up and go to the hotel´s lobby to have breakfast, and the day of my birthday was not the exception. As soon as I got into the lobby everybody was waiting for me with a cake, candles, birthday plates and hats. The rest of the morning I stayed in my room, watching movies and doing pretty much nothing.

For lunch we were planning to have to have sushis, so when we were on our way, the weather was so cold that it was really painful for us to keep walking. Therefore we decided to stop walking and went into the closest restaurant. We had lunch and decided to head back to the hotel.

In the night we gathered in one of the rooms and spent time together.

All my past birthdays have been very different, but this one was one of the best ones and obviously my coldest one.

A little update of life in New Paltz

Hello people! 

Yet another week has passed, and now it’ only three weeks and three days until the big move to the big city. We have also experienced two birthdays so far, one on Saturday (Gaby’s) and the other one’s (Dina’s) today. So, happy birthday to the most awesome mexican girls I’ve ever met! Life is a (laughing) party with those two around you. I’m not going to talk about their birthdays, I’ll leave that up to them to share.

There are some other different things I want to share with you, though. First, let’s discuss how nice people are here. Everywhere you go, some people calls you Honey, Sweetie or Darling. And you don’t even know them! For a Swede, where people are known to be quite reserved and private, this is a fascinating phenomenon. Does a greeting with “honey” mean that they like you? Or are they just polite? Friendly? Or is it just an everyday-kind-of word that is being used with no particular meaning? If a native American read this, please give me an answer, either answering my poll or comment, so I don’t call someone (oh let’s say my supervisor) Darling if it’s not really appropriate.

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Another thing. We’ve met the most amazing man in Hasbrouck. He makes food, but always chat with us, gives us tips about the area and on Friday, he even gave me and Fanny strawberries with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Oh. Dear. Lord. Tasted like home. In Sweden, we usually do this during the summer, and it’s one of my favorite desserts. Sorry for always writing about food, but this is also to show how nice people that you meet can be.

IMG_9843 A plate of heaven

Furthermore, we’ve had the first real snow (that actually stayed on the ground). In two hours the ground was filled with snow. Beautiful. No wind, just snow. The morning after, it was however gone, and the streets were filled with water instead. IMG_9880

On Sunday, I decided to walk up to school since I had to stop by the library to watch a video for class. Walking in -15 degrees (about 5 Fahrenheit?) was not a problem, since there was no wind and the sun was shining. When you are Swedish, cold weather doesn’t stop you from going out, and in Sweden we have an expression: There aren’t any bad weather, only bad clothing. So I did actually sweat when walking to school, since I’d prepare myself for the worst.

IMG_9860Pernilla-cold: 1-0.

Well, that’s about it for today. Lastly, a picture of our campus: this is where we hang out every day.


/Pernilla, can’t wait for spring to arrive!

A nightmare on our way from Chicago to New Paltz


Last weekend Misael, Alex, Dina and I spent the whole weekend in Chicago. Everything was going fine until we boarded our flight from Chicago to New York. The airline´s crew told us that they had to find a new crew for that plane, because they had already worked for 9 hours, so it took almost two hours to find a new crew. Because the flight was delayed, we arrived to JFK very late, that we were not able to catch up the last bus heading New Paltz. Then we decided that we should wait for at least 3 hours to catch the bus at 4:00 am, so we decide to wait in the airport until 2:00 and then took an uber to the Port Authority Station. When we arrieved, we realised that the bus departing at 4:00 am was the bus from New Paltz to New York not the one from New York to New Paltz. So we had to wait 3 more hours in order to take the 7:00 am bus. We went to the Starbucks at Times Square to wait, but the worst thing is that they didn´t even have seats. Then we took the bus at 7:00 and finally we arrived New Paltz at 8:30 am. We were tired but we were finally home.