Are We There Yet?

Yes! We are almost there!

img_6391I can’t believe it has been almost 8 weeks since we arrived here and there are so many things we have done, learned and achieved in no time. Sometimes I feel we have been a lot time here because of all the things we have done but I can’t figure out how does time has just pass so quickly.
The first day just feel like yesterday and I can’t believe we are moving to the city this friday.

I’m so excited to start my internship but that means that we are half way until the end of this experience; an experience that I wish it could last longer.img_6360Here at New Paltz I have learn a lot from my professors (if you are reading this because you are planning to come here, I can tell you that they are amazing and you will learn a lot from theme). I have done incredible memories, new friendships, really challenging class projects (International Marketing) and so many more things, and I can say that I’m thankful for each single one of theme.

I know that God lead us to places where we need to be not where we want to be, so I believe that this experience is God’s will and I know that for each one of us, this experience will make us grow and see life in a14628237_10206941974181081_1920497077_n different way.

So I can’t way to continue doing memories and the most amazing thins is that I’ll be doing them in the most exciting city in the world!




Goodbye New Paltz , Hello New York!

14628237_10206941974181081_1920497077_nHi everyone!!

Hope you all are doing great! This weekend is our Fall Break and also our last weekend in New Paltz, so we decided to stay here and enjoy the town for the last time.

On Friday, Jeff organized a party for the 10 of us in his house and he invited Martha, Joan and Jackie. It was a great night and we had a lot of fun!! But we also ate a lot, Jeff ordered a huge sandwich probably the biggest I´ve ever seen and it was delicious! He also cooked some pork tacos and they taste as home. The perfect ending of the night was a campfire with S´mores and games.14658173_10206941974141080_1410551512_n

14642999_10206941974301084_633963862_nOn Saturday and Sunday we went through all the stores in the town looking for souvenirs for our families and friends back home. So we started our days having lunch at SUNY, going to Starbucks for a coffee and then going for a walk.

We went to the Bookstore to buy the University hoodies and gifts. Then we went to the town to Krause´s Chocolates and to the water market, we love going there.

We also bought some postcards because we want to send them to Mexico. I´ve never send a postcard before but I think it would be a nice thing to do.

As incredible as it sounds it´s hard to find some gifts from New Paltz because everything says New York but I think we found some good stuff. 14628230_10206941974421087_2090477492_n

Finally we were with the last minute shopping to have everything ready for our apartment in NYC. I recommend you to go to Just A Buck, they have great things and everything costs a dollar!

Thank you for reading!!

3 wonderful days in Boston

Around four weeks ago Fanny, Paula, Stephanie, Teresa and I decided to sign up for the school trip to Boston, and we got lucky. They only had five spots left, and we took them! Saturday morning we walked to the parking lot in front of the glass pyramid on campus with an aura of excitement. We were going to have a vacation from the vacation, awesome! The bus trip took around four hours and we arrived at the hotel around 3 pm. Directly, we resettled and then took the 4pm-shuttle in to the city. That evening we strolled around, drank coffee, had a great dinner with drinks at a bar and did some late night shopping. It was a perfect start on a girl weekend.

14642626_10155469036303521_502277829_n        14643159_10155469036058521_797007839_n        14642950_10155469036253521_952987510_n

Sunday morning started with a breakfast. We all were very surprised that they served scrambled eggs, bacon, bagels and fresh fruit. I guess we all have got used to the breakfast at American Best Value Inn. But as a matter a fact, I am going to miss the mornings in the breakfast area with Gale running around screaming everyone’s name. Back to the trip! After the breakfast we took the shuttle in to the city and we all were ready for good food, shopping and long walks. Unfortunately, the rain was pouring down. It did not stop rain for 12 hours. We bought umbrellas and still kept a smile on our faces. Because of the bad weather we decided to see an afternoon movie at the theater. 5.30pm we walked in soaking wet at the theater and bought tickets for the new Bridget Jones movie. I can tell you guys, it was a very long time ago I laughed that much at a movie. It was hilarious. After the movie we took an Uber to a tapas place that Paula had found and we summed up the day with delicious wine and tapas.

14694870_10155469036048521_1036865356_n        14694770_10155469036433521_770347579_n        fullsizerender-1

And then it was Columbus Day. This day we had a scheduled tour in the morning so we checked out from the hotel at 8.30 and then took the shuttle in to the city at 9.15am. The weather was wonderful but freezing. This was the first time in the States that a have actually been freezing though I had a sweater, jacket and a scarf. After the tour, which lasted in 90 minutes through the main area of the city, we took the subway to the Harvard University. This was amazing. You have seen the university on TV and heard so much about it, so it was so cool to see it in real life. We strolled around on campus, went to the library, grabbed a coffee. We imagined being real students, weird but true. After this adventure is was time to head back to where the bus were suppose to pick us up.

14694770_10155469036433521_770347579_n        14658358_10155469036278521_260897781_n        14642980_10155469036443521_938077812_n

I have had a great weekend and I am so glad I signed up for this trip. I have done a lot of shopping, eaten great food and seen beautiful places. If you have not been to Boston, go!


And just like that, summer fell into fall.


Fall season has arrived! It is that time of the year where all you want to do is sit on a bench and enjoy the most beautiful view with a coffee in hand. And guess what? New Paltz has it. I am so happy that I actually will have the opportunity of enjoying all the seasons in one semester.Back in Mexico we don´t see seasons changing so dramatically, but here you will definitely enjoy it. When I arrived to New Paltz it were the hot summer days, now we have all the leaves changing color and falling into the ground, and while in New York City we will have the opportunity of enjoying winter wonderland.

While in New Paltz, the campus have really good places where you can go and take a walk while you have leaves falling all the place. I also recommend going to the Street Water Market where you can have a coffee watchithumb_img_6411_1024ng the mountain turn from green to red. It is really amazing!!! So, go out and appreciate what nature has given to us!!!

Let me know which is your favorite season :)[polldaddy poll=9546827]

Let’s go Yankees Let’s go!!

image Hi everyone!!

Last Saturday we decided to go to New York to see one of the last Yankees games of the season. They played against Baltimore’s Orioles.

We woke up and had breakfast in a little Cafeteria near my friend’s apartment, then we went to the Grand Central Terminal to buy the tickets to get to the Stadium. They were about $6 each.

imageWhen we got to the Stadium we were really excited, I didn’t know what to expect because I’m not a sports fan so I’ve never been to a baseball game before.

The firts thing we did was to buy the original caps and some presents for our families. Then we went to buy the tickets and they told us that the cheapest one was $24 and it was really far from the field.

Martha quickly downloaded StubHub’s app (which I highly imagerecommend everyone to have), and we found tickets for $15 really near the field. We bought them right away and we received the QR code for our tickets. When we were walking through the main entrance they gave us free bobbleheads, because luckily to us it was the bobbleheads giveaway promotional day.

imageThe game lasted four hours but it was worth it because we had a lot of fun and it’s a great experience. And guess what? THE YANKEES WON!!!

After the game we went to Shake Shak to have dinner and it was delicious!!

Thanks for reading hope you liked it!



New Paltz 101

Now that our time here in New Paltz is running out (10 days remaining as I am writing this) I thought I would share some personal favourites from my time here! Some tips for future IIB:ers

  • Brunch at Hasbrouck: A must for Saturdays or Sundays when you’re here, if you don’t have any of your 5 meals a week left then you can also pay with Dining dollars. There’s pancakes, bacon, bagels, fruit, granola, sausage and you can even make your own omelette.
  • Moxie Cup: Got this tip from Martha and it is a truly cosy and nice place. Coffee, cupcakes and some other selections.
  • The Diner: Jeff took us here on our first night and after that we went back a few times. Really good food, lots of different options and nice staff. The also accept Hawk dollars!
  • McGillicuddys: Everybody I’ve met in New Paltz might not agree but I had a lot of fun there and there’s always a lot of people on the weekends. If you want to dance, have a good time and meet new people then this is the place!
  • The library: If you need to go somewhere to really focus, it’s a good place. Open spaces, newly remade and usually quiet and calm.
  • New Starbucks: While we were living here they opened a new Starbucks on Campus, really close to the library. Great tip if you like me haven’t spent all your dining dollars (which they accept) towards the end.
  • The Cinema: Went this Friday with Teresa and Paula to see “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” (which I recommend). Close to the motel where we are staying, cheap (don’t forget to mention you’re a student) and a good thing to do when you’re bored!
  • The gas station: Right by the motel there’s a gas station, which I only mention because it’s open all night. Nothing wrong with it otherwise but when you’re on your way home from example McGillicuddy’s; it’s pretty nice to buy some chips or something. McDonald’s and Burger King won’t be open so this is your chance for some night snacks!

img_0106 img_0101 img_0058img_0100 img_0105 img_0102

Anyone else got any tips to add to the list?

Lots of love!


It is here! Is finally here!

Summer is over and the leaves are falling.

That can only mean one thing….. Fall is finally here!


From one week to another, I felt how the sun dosen’t warm us like before, the wind start to blow and leaves to fall.

I love how orange and brown start to steel the show and the fact that I don’t need to wear summer clothes anymore.

It’s time to start wearing boots and sweaters, and a cup of tea makes everything better.


Fall is my favorite season. It is not hot but still not cold. My hometown, Monterrey, have the craziest weather, moslty it is warm but sometimes, during the same day, we can experience the four season of the year. I love my city but I don’t love the weather and moslty because there is not fall at all.
Sometimes you can see some trees that have some orange or brown leaves, but it is not common.img_0228

img_1719There, the weather dosen’t feel like fall; sometimes we could have very hot days and suddenly they become cold and vice versa, so we have to have our both, summer and winter clothes, hanging in the closet all year long.
Last year I was able to experience Fall during my other exchange program (photo on the right) and being able to experience it again, here in New Paltz and NYC, makes me really happy!!




So, let me know which is your favorite season…








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Brunch: a meal that combines breakfast and lunch and is usually eaten in late morning. This defined our weekend.

During this past weekend we decided to go and visit the city. We arrived on Friday afternoon and left on Sunday evening. All of our weekend was about brunching. We knew that NYC was best known for their 24hrs brunches, so we decided to try it out.

On Saturday morning we decided to walk around and see which place looked the best. We were around the East Village were we saw a Mexican place called “La Palapa” that said CHILAQUILES!!!!



We did not even think about it, and we just went immediately. Chilaquiles is one of Mexico typical plate, and they were delicious! The salsa was so good, I could have eaten all day long. As a Mexican I totally approve this restaurant as being 100% typical food. It tasted just like home, they even had Cafe de Olla with piloncillo! I can´t find more words to describe how good it was.




On Sunday morning we decided to go and taste one restaurant called Cafeteria in Chelsea. We saw it on Instagram the night before and it looked so good that we decided to see it by ourselves. It was amazing! I order coffee, a croissant with homemade jam, and an avocado toast. I can´t even explain in words how delicious it was! And the best part, it´s 24hr!


Our weekend was over, but am pretty sure there will be lots of other amazing restaurants to try! Let me know which other places in NYC are worth going!!


Interview Tips


Like most people I at some point was completely lost when it came to interviews. I still feel kind of lost but I have picked up some tips along the way, especially during our search for internships in New York City. This post are hopefully helpful to someone who like me feels a little uneasy with the whole thing.

First off, if you’re traveling a distance or staying out a day for several interviews; then there are things you should have in your bag. This is from my point of view as a women but I’m sure there are many things you could add/remove from your point of view!

Pack in your bag:

  • Resumes: ALWAYS have printed copies of your resume with you, if they ask for it and you don’t – terrible for your standing. This tip I got from my advisors and teachers here at IIB who all emphasised how important it was.
  • Notes: Don’t underestimate doing your research. It makes a better impression if you know your stuff!
  • Deodorant/perfume: Running around can get sweaty and using one of these or both could improve any possible smell but also make you feel more confident.
  • Wet wipes: This actually became useful to me when I was in New York for two interviews. I had time for lunch in between and managed to get an unfortunate stain on my white shirt. Luckily a wet wipe did the trick!
  • Water: If you don’t have a lot of time, water can be important because you don’t want to get dehydrated.
  • Change of shirt: Not necessary but if you’re away for an entire day and something happens – it can save your day.

These followings are tips for preparation, the day of the interview and some other things I’ve thought of:

  • Do your research!
  • Prepare your answers for the classic questions such as strengths, weaknesses, a conflicting situation you overcame, a problem you solved, a deadline you had to hit, your interest in the position – make sure it all is relevant to the position.
  • Dress well but be YOU! It’s not always worth it to be uncomfortable just to be well dressed. Make sure you feel good about your outfit – it shines through!
  • Be early! I’m a time optimist and always stressing out so getting to a location ridiculously early really helps me. Especially if you haven’t been there before, get there early and sit down at a café or something. Check out nearby coffee shops or restaurants on Google Maps before hand if you feel unsure! Take the time to revise notes and calm down.
  • Smile at everyone! I was told to both smile and say hi if acknowledged as anyone might be a potential coworker and having a good impression of you is therefore an advantage.
  • Freshen up!  Before you head to the office, freshen up and check your appearance quickly in a mirror.


First Interview – NoHo

Time Square

Time Square

Time Square

Time Square

So this Friday I went to New York to do my first Interview for The Orchard that is owned by SONY music entertainment. I was nervous and excited for the interview, and I was also going to the city by myself, which was kind of scary. When I got there I went straight away to NoHo where I was having my interview. Since I got there early I went for breakfast at this cute restaurant, Lafayette, and the breakfast was amazing. The area was really calm, not that much traffic, and I really enjoyed the atmosphere. After my interview I took a stroll down the 633 Broadway, glanced at the architecture and went shopping a little. I had such a great time, and I really felt a different experience to be there by myself, taking in every minute of it. Before I went back in to Manhattan I grabbed some dinner at frech&co, which was really good. On my way to the busstation I went through Time Square, which was different from the last time we where there. I was by myself, looking at all the skyscrape and realized that I am actually moving in to the city in just a couple of weeks, which is insane, and I can’t wait. I really recommend going by yourself, the experience is really different and so much fun, cause you are really take in everything that you see and it is amazing. Can’t wait for us to move there.

Well that’s all for me this time, see ya later!