My first days in New York City

My first days in New York City

I arrived in New York City few days before the start of the IIB program because I wanted to orient myself in the city. My flight landed in the late afternoon and this allowed me to have a wonderful view on the city by night.
Especially I would like to suggest to visit the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art and to go on the top of the Rockefeller Center or of the Empire State Building.

A couple of quick shots from Labor Day weekend

As someone mentioned a couple of days ago, all of us went roadtripping this weekend. Some went straight to Washington DC while others went to Atlantic City on Friday, Washington DC on Saturday and Philadelphia on Sunday. I guess there will be a couple of posts about this but I’ll start with some pictures, more to come….

First stop, Jersey shore. First burgers for the weekend (but certainly not last). A funny thing was that a couple of the IIB students just happened to meet up at this stop.
<img class="aligncenter" title="First stop"
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Life on Campus – Arrival Week

There were an odd number of male students coming this fall and, because of that, one of us got the opportunity to stay in a dorm on campus. As things turned out, that person is me.

So I thought I might give you my, slightly different, point of view of campus life and the experiences associated with our stay here in New Paltz.

Upon arrival one of the first persons i met was named Samba. A while later I realised he was going to be my roommate for the following months. He’s a good guy and he loves to cook, lucky me!

To be continued..

Creepy Insects

I love to be in the U.S, the people are friendly, the weather is warm and sunny.

BUT what’s up with all the insects?

Since I moved to New Paltz have I seen a lot of creepy and scary insects. The first one I saw was bright orange and had almost ten legs! Uh! And when I talked to my parents a spider came down from the ceiling and wanted to say Hello. I freaked out of course! Today I saw an insect that looked like a tiny grey lizard. Why do all the insects look so creepy and scary?

Different Insects