NGA in Washington DC

[slideshow]After the recent burst of posts about DC, Philadelphia and Atlantic City I bet you have already found out how we’ve all extremely appreciated the long weekend (and of course Labor Day)! You’ve read about the Capitol, Washington Monument, and Lincoln Memorial…but something is still missing.

So, for those of you who have a passionate love for art: here you go! A drum roll please…the National Gallery of Art!

It is a magnificent Gallery made up of two buildings, the West one (1941) and the East one (1978). It is situated right on the National Mall, so it’s quite easy to find it… and, once you’re in, it’s definitely hard to leave it!!

The West Building host a temporary exhibition and the NGA’s main collection and it’s here that I’ve spent the all day. The main collection includes a remarkable Italian section (thirteenth- to eighteenth-century), a Spanish one (thirteenth- to nineteenth-century), and a Netherlandish and German one (fifteenth- to seventeenth-century). There’s also a British section (eighteenth- to nineteenth-century) and of course an American one (eighteenth- and nineteenth-century). But one of the richest collection is the French one: from Watteau, Delacroix, and Ingres to Courbet, Manet, Cézanne, Monet, Degas, and Renoir…the gallery hosts a copious number of the most famous paintings.  No need to say that if you go through the corridor, from one room to the other, you’re gaze is like enchanted by the paintings inside them and you can’t decide where to go first!

I’ve particularly enjoyed the impressionist gallery, but I guess everybody has different tastes and different opinions about art…so if anybody has visited the NGA, what do you think? Which is your favorite painting? Hope to hear from you soon!

Father of his Country

As for the trip memories, this spectacular scene show us a US Navy soldier contemplating the monument of the father of the country and first president of the United States George Washington, finally raised in 1884.

Someone could think that after years of great accomplishments, this soldier will be gratefully serving to their country forever and always. As for me, I believe that the strong patriotism and love to the Nation is the reason of the huge military legacy that Washington and some others established since the independence of this beautiful country.