You wanted the bicycle? Now pedal!

This was my first weekend in the city as an Inter! The first week of work was over and I wanted to do something great preparing myself for a new week! So … my decision was to rent a bike and pedaling towards Williamsburg, one of the Brooklyn neighborhood.

After one hour walking around Williamsburg, my friend and I decided to stop to eat something and in a minute we realized that it was a great occasion to do our first “Sunday brunch” in New York! Simple Café

Our choice was a so nice restaurant frequented by many guys and families, it name is Simple Cafè (view the website clicking on the image).
From outside I saw fantastic bagels with eggs, bacon  and hollandaise sauce. Everything looked delicious and everyone seemed happy. Why not stop here?! In a few minute we sat down and we started to decide our orders. There were so many typical dishes for a fantastic brunch. So yummy! It was a strong decision, but at the end we decided for the classic dish that the waitress suggested to us: bagel with eggs, bacon and obviously pancakes with maple syrup for dessert. All was really incredible! A perfect lunch in a cool place in a wonderful sunny Sunday.

When we finished to enjoy our brunch, we decided to start a small trip along the East River: from Williamsburg to Dumbo, another amazing neighborhood in Brooklyn, exactly near to the Brooklyn Bridge. The distance is approximately 3miles, no more than 30 minutes by bike; we had time to take a lot of photos, do some shopping and explore the neighborhoods of Brooklyn before come back at home. The weather was perfect and quite, why not?! In this way we could appreciate the amazing view of Manhattan. It was like seeing a different city, with the chance to admire the beauty of its skyscrapers with much more calm and no traffic noise. In that moment I thought there could be nothing better, but I was completely wrong! In fact, at the end of our “trip”, we had a big surprise. We arrived at the Brooklyn Bridge Park in the late afternoon, when the sun was going down. The sky became red in a few minutes and Manhattan changed his appearance in short time. Around 6.30 pm all became dark and the city was turning on its light. I thought to have so much photos about that skyline, but that scenario was completely different from the previous one.

It was exactly when I took my camera that I realized…that ride was comparable to all my experience of the last few months: the departure two months ago from Milan where everything seemed surreal, the path (sometimes uphill) in New Paltz where I did many things and I met new people and now …  here, in New York City, for one of the most important result of my life. So now you can understand the reason why I choose the title ” You wanted the bicycle? Now pedal!”. It is a typical Italian saying and it refers to a situation where someone was dreaming of or striving for some goal/outcome, and once obtained it, he or she must to take all it entails – good, bad, overwhelming, or challenging as it may be.
That is exactly what I’m living here since two months, but now, half of my experience, I look back and I understand that the climb was exhausting, but from here the view is amazing!

Good luck to all my classmates and friends of IIB program.

Manhattan Skyline from Dumbo

The Brooklyn Bridge

Hi everyone!

For the past days, we’ve had an amazing weather outside with temperatures that can be compared to a Swedish summer. Therefore, I decided to walk and not take the subway home from my internship yesterday, which means that I had to cross the Brooklyn bridge by feet. I left my job located in the financial district and when i reached the bridge I was totally stunned. The wind that hit me was warm and it had the wonderful smell of water. This in combination with my favorite artist in the headphones and the amazing view had a strong impact on me. That walk was more than just a walk home from the job, it was an experience that I’m going to remember a long time. I recommend everyone to cross that bridge before leaving this city!

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HI everyone!

Today is one week that we are in NYC, but it seems like three days. I love staying here, there is so much to do e to see. I started my Bertelsmann’s experience last Monday and I can consider myself lucky because I work with an amazing and knowledgeable team. They have been so friendly with me since the first working day. My shift is from 9AM to 5PM and this is cool because I am having the possibility of visiting the City. I am strolling around every neighborhood. Two days ago, I went to my mates’ apartment and we had a real Italian dinner, homemade by them: rigatoni with tomatoes sauce, mozzarella, bresaola and speck; I loved that moment; we had fun. Every morning, I can’t wait to start each day, to enter in the Penguin Random House’ building with my badge, to open my 20th floor office and to switch on my huge Mac.

A tip for future IIb students: you must find Trader and Joe’s market and buy their own Macaroni and Cheese; surely you will love them, exactly as I did!!

Expect the unexpected – An amazing day in New York City

This day should be different than all other days before – going to New York, conducting the first two job interviews and experiencing the Macy’s Fashion Show. Feeling the freedom and the diversity of New York City as well as getting in touch with the American Business Culture for the first time was an unforgettable experience. Already, as I left the Port Authority Bus Terminal, theDSC05337 difference between the life in New Paltz and New York City was noticeable. I have been overwhelmed by all the impressions and I realized that this feeling is the reason why I am taking part in this international program – to experience diversity. This feeling was a big motivation to do my best during the job interviews. Both interviews were totally different regarding company’s location, the building (outer facade), the interior and the people working for the company. I was impressed by both companies and its various working environment. All interviews have rather been an informal conversation than a formal communication which created a comfortable discussion.

After successful conducted interviews, Karina and I rewarded us by going to the Macy’s Fashion Show – “Macy’s Presents Fashion’s Front Row” – in the theatre at Madison Square Garden in order to gain valuable inspirations for our internships in the fashion industry 😉 Watching the season’s latest fashion and listen to the hottest music by Nate Ruess and Jason Derulo was an unforgettable experience. The show was definitely worth the money because of the show and Macy’s commitment to the awareness and prevention of HIV/Aids.

Even after the show the dayPicsArt_1444764398953 didn’t end. The day was still young and Karina convinced me to go for a last drink in the rooftop bar in the Hyatt Hotel ( Without expecting anything Karina and I ordered a cocktail and enjoyed the beautiful view. Suddenly, one man was walking towards our table and talked to us in German. In the first moment I did not realized that he was a friend from Germany because I did not expect him at all. He told me that he was in New York for one week with his girlfriend. I knew before that Germans are everywhere but I never expect that I would meet a friend from my hometown at the rooftop bar of the Hyatt Hotel, approximately 3.800 miles away from Germany. All of us were surprised but we were very happy to meet each other incidentally. Unfortunately, it was only time for one drink because we had to take the last bus home to New Paltz. However, I was really happy of unexpectedly meeting friends. It felt like home.

It was an exciting and amazing day with a perfect final. Sometimes the unexpected can result into a really positive surprise. I like unexpected surprises like this. Thus, open your eyes and look around you, probably your home might be closer than you expect. Great experience!

Fall Breaking in 2016?

Hi new IIB students!

Are you a fall breaker? Do you want to have fun? Do not hesitate and read one of our posts that we have written about! Everyone chose different places to spend these four free days. Autumn in the United States means, for me, red leaves, perfect weather and… Columbus Day! Some mates of mine visited Montreal, others went to DC and I left for Boston. Every decision you will take, I am sure, it will be a good idea! Boston, for instance, is awesome. There are, China Town, Little Italy, many parks and a harbor from which it is possible to see lovely and pink sunsets. Restaurants offer fresh fish and there is a market in the city center, called Quincy Market, in which you can find whatever you want! It is possible to visit Boston, and even the near Cambridge, in three days without problems; and it is definitely less crowded than New York City. For me, it was like staying in London but with less Italians settled in. And, believe me, especially if you came from Italy, this sounds good! I felt in love with this city and I recommend all of you to spend your time wandering in New England!





Picture taken from the telescope of the University. No filter.

1982 was the last time it occurred. 2033 the next appearance. However, during the night between September 27 and 28, the Blood Moon has given the Earth a breathtaking spectacle. And I was in New Paltz. Probably, one of the better places for enjoying this extraordinary phenomena.
The “Blood Moon” – also called Total Lunar Eclipse- occurs when the Earth is exactly in the middle between the Sun and the Moon. The gases contained in our atmosphere, create the illusion that the moon becomes red.
Everything that night was so magical: I have never seen a moon so bright and big. Everyone was out in the campus street – some of them were even in pajamas- to view it and take pictures. Indeed, during the total lunar eclipse, the moon is 8% bigger than the normal dimensions! We were so fascinated that we decided to go to the university observatory, which is situated in a silent place, quite close to the wood. Here, everything was even more beautiful and I felt like in a movie. There were some astronomy students that were enthusiasts to show us some old magazines about that phenomenon. There were also telescopes, that people could use to see it better. Students were not the only watchers, other New Paltz habitants had gathered there. Among them, a old man has attracted my attention: he was so passionate and excited about the lunar eclipse, analyzing every detail with his gigantic telescope. But he was even happier to explain us what it was happening, to transmit us his knowledge. And there were also a good pleasant music, enchanting the atmosphere. We were all together, with heads up to the sky and one purpose: enjoying our moon.

Fall break

Me, Gerardo, Agnes, Frida and Ann Kristin decided to make a road trip on the fall break which turned out to be one of the best decisions so far during this semester. We rented a Dodge Charger (which actually had some American muscles under the hood) and went to Boston, Martha’s Vineyard and Newport. A perfect weather, delicious food, amazing friends, great playlists for the road trip and cool sights characterized the trip and I will remember my fall break here in America for a long loooong time.

I hope everyone else in our group had a lovely fall break as well!


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To do when in New Paltz

Time flies by and it is already time for fall break. The most of my exams, reports and presentations is done and today I finally had some time to just relax in my room for a few ours before class. Then I realize that we leave this place next Friday and I started to reflect over this past two months and my time in New Paltz.

Before we leave next week I want to leave a small but good “New Paltz Bucket List” for future visitors.

  • First of all, you have to visit Mohonk Mountain for a hike, and if you are up for an adventure, try the red paths and the labyrinth. The best about this is the totally amazing view you will see.
  • The Athletic and Wellness Center has activities to sign up for, be quick and do it directly when they release them. We got the chance to go zip lining and that it’s an extreme adrenalin kick and extraordinary experience. Thanks to school we only paid 25 USD, but if you go by your self it will be over 100 USD.
  • On Main street, there is a coffee shop called The Cafeteria, their environment is cozy, it’s a good place too study and some days you can sit there and just listen to live music.
  • A cross the street from The Cafeteria there is a cross-street to Main street where there is the coziest book store, and the best chocolate store in town. Definitely worth a visit.
  • And last but not least, our favorite activity. Eating good food. Maincourse is with out doubt the best place in town, with its healthy and fresh food, it’s always delicious. I don’t even want to count how much Hawk dollars I spent there. Two other restaurants with really good food is The Mexican Kitchen, I mean even the Mexicans in my class likes it and that says a lot. The guacamole is fantastic! The last place I’m going to recommend is Hokkaido Japanese Restaurant. They have a very varied sushi menu, – and if you like sushi, you going to love that place.
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I believe, I can fly!

Two weeks ago, on Saturday, I joint the university group going to the biggest North America park for ziplining. I booked the trip the day before because I was lazy to sign up and I was in the waiting list, but I really hoped to go because I had a hard week and I needed spear time to recharge. We arrived with our yellow bus in a place in which in winter people use to ski. We reached the top of the mountain with a chair lift and some guys explained us the most important safety rules. It was a great experience and we had so much fun! We stepped from a side to the other five times and we performed in different positions according to the gradient. I felt the air on my face and on my hair. I had a good adrenaline in my body and I loved those sensations! When we finished our activity we were so happy but worn out and hungry. At the beginning of the chair lift there were some shops that sold German food and sweetness. I bought an amazing waffle with sugar and cinnamon and this was “the cherry on the pie” of my day in the nature! I would suggest everyone to book this trip, it was worth every bucks.


Tourists in New York

IMG_7856In a couple of weeks, we are not going to be tourists in New York City anymore. We will live for at least two months there, which means that we will start to behave as proper New Yorkers. For that reason, Einar and I decided to go to the city to be proper tourists while we can. It was a great day, as we decided to go to some of the main landmarks, where we saw some of the best views of New York.

First, we decided to go to the Empire State Building. There were many lines to get to the 88th floor, but the view was worth the wait. It was amazing, as you can see the whole city and its surroundings. The only bad thing about it was that I was freezing. Being at the top of one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world means that there will be a lot of wind, so if you are planning to go there, take a jacket with you.

After the Empire State, we went to the 9/11 Memorial, which was astonishing and emotional. Aesthetically, the memorial is very pleasing and beautiful. Nevertheless, thinking about the events that happened there makes you have mixed feelings about it.


After spending some time at the 9/11 Memorial, we went to Wall Street. Some of us are going to work there, and some of us also want to get there with our own companies. Therefore, we decided that it was a good idea to start to get to know such an important place for us.


The next stop was taking a ferry to go around the Hudson and see the Statue of Liberty. Again, the wind and the lines were an issue, but it was totally worth it. Looking at New York City from afar is spectacular, especially if there is a chance to say hi to the Statue of Liberty.

After having some dinner at one of my favorite fast food restaurants, Wasabi, we went to Times Square. It was our first time at Times Square by night. Besides all the lights, I was surprised by how it is possible to see people from all over the world, doing all kind of things, in one single place.

Without doubt, it was a great day. New York City is huge, and the best way to start to know the city is to start with its main landmarks!