Visit the home of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Vanderbilt´s Marble House

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The school organized a trip to the home of 32nd U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Vanderbilt Mansion Historic Site, historically known as Hyde Park- Vanderbilt Mansion National Park. The Park encompasses over 200 acres of the original estate which was home to prominent New Yorkers for nearly two centuries. Both sites were amazing in itself.

The FDR estate is much more unpretentious that the Vanderbilt Mansion. Nevertheless it is definitely worth and very interesting to take the tour and see how the young Franklin D. Roosevelt lived, where he studied and later had official meetings. Moreover it is interesting to see the modifications that where made to make him live comfortable during the time he had to spent in a wheelchair, when being stricken with poliomyelitis. Roosevelt fought to regain the use of his legs and succeeded. The Presidential Museum is very modern and uses different types of media to inform and entertain its visitors. It allows to gain a comprehensive knowledge about Franklin D. Roosevelt and also about his wife Eleanor that was politically very active.

The Vanderbilt Mansion is only 30 minutes away and is one of the smallest residences that belonged to the Vanderbilt´s. It was a summer house where Mr. and Mrs. William K. Vanderbilt regularly lived in. The interior is amazing and consists of more than 500,000 cubic feet of marble. When it was completed, Mr. Vanderbilt presented  the house to his wife as a 39th birthday present. since 2006 the Marble House is a National Historic Landmark and open to the public.

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FDR House:

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How to find the perfect internship

The two first weeks in New York City, and thereby also the two first weeks of internship12189433_10153628372046638_1882266693028604049_o and hard work, have come to its end. These two weeks have been challenging and hard sometimes, but it has been really fun too. The tasks I have been given have been challenging and hard, but I have learned a lot just in these two weeks and I feel comfortable with my colleagues and supervisor. I have realized that being stimulated at work and getting signed tasks that suit your way of working and your personality is really important. So that’s why I’m now giving you, future student of IIB New Paltz, some advices of how to think when choosing your internship.

Make a list

The first step, I would say, is to make a list of what you find interesting and what you appreciate when it comes to work and tasks? Are you a person who needs to be thrown into challenges in order to be motivated and to deliver? Or do you perform the best when you get to do things you know at the beginning and then little by little the tasks get more challenging? If you are majoring in communications, do you find PR, Marketing, internal communication or social media monitoring the most interesting? Think through your way of being and working, in that case you get a chance to get the most out of your interview (by asking the right questions) and then you will do the most out of your internship. To get some hints of what you would like to do, go through the Wiki (you will know when you get here) and look for what other interns have gotten to do before and see if you find it interesting.

Skärmavbild 2015-10-31 kl. 12.08.06Do your research

When you know what motivates you and what you would like to do, do your research!! That will help you find internships you would REALLY fit into, but it will also help Jeff and Martha to understand your way of thinking and what you would like to do when it comes to the internship. Use sites such as, or look for “internships New York City, Marketing”, for example, on LinkedIn. By doing your research you will also avoid missing something you would like to do, although you might not have known it from the beginning.

Take your time

When the internship research has started and your one-on-one with Jeff or Martha has begun, please remember to take your time when it comes to choosing your internship! I know it might feel stressful to find an internship when people in your class gets interviews or finds internships, but remember they are not you and you are here to do the best out of YOUR internship. Don’t stress the process of finding your internship and don’t take on something you don’t feel like doing. This will be your job for two months and it will help you in you career or in the process of finding out what you would like to work with regarding your major, so no need to stress. I found my internship after three weeks and I’m really satisfied, but some others found theirs in week 7 or week 8, and they are as satisfied as I am! (With this said, not doing anything and hoping for everything to solve it self is not the solution! You still have to work for your internship, I just don’t want anyone to stress the finding of it and then two weeks later you happen to find your dream internship and it’s too late. Therefore, research is important!!)

Have FUN!

The last, and most cliché, advice must be to HAVE FUN! If you don’t have fIMG_4203un during the internship process it will only become a stressful moment of your day! Have fun during the w
ay, meet people in school and spend time with your classmates. Go in to New York City or travel around America during the weekends, taking your mind of the internship will help you in gathering your thoughts around it. No one performs as well when stressed as they do when they feel rested, satisfied and happy!

Walk walk walk

We have now finally moved to the big city that we all have dreamt about! There is so much to do and so little time, so yesterday me and Frida decided to talk a long walk almost thru entire Manhattan.

We started in our area, 108th and Broadway, upper west side, which is a beautiful area with a lot of food markets, restaurants, lovely buildings and cozy coffee shops. Only 10 minutes away you can walk into Central Park. Central Park this time a year is amazing, the leaves are still on the trees and are all yellow, red and orange! We walked all the way thru the Park, and stepped by some of the mandatory things you need to se.

  • The boathouse. Most of us girls knows this place from Sex and the City. It’s a cozy restaurant overlooking one of the smaller lakes, quit pricey thou. Other than that you can also rent a boat and take a romantic paddle.
  • Alice in Wonderland statue. East side at 75th St, enter at Fifth Ave and 76th St (right next to the boathouse). Next to the statue theirs a small pond where you can rent a small motorizing sailing boat that you can drive from the side.
  • The Great Lawn Softball Field is great in the warmer months when there are games on. But this time a year it’s good to just pass by and watch people.
  • The bow bridge
  • Horse carriage
  • Walk around the big lake
  • Listen to all the talented people performing in Central Park

This is just a handful of all the thing you can do in Central Park. But I recommend all the IIB students to take yourselves to central park right now! Before the leaves start to fall.

After Central Park we walked all the way down to Soho. It was a long walk but I promise its worth all the pain you’re going to feel in your feet. To just stroll around is the best way to discover New York, walk down district by district!

I wish all of my IIB students, and other fellow readers a great Halloween, be safe and take care!

Push Your Limits!

What are “normaPicsArt_1446238979271l” people doing if they don’t have to work on a Saturday morning at 6:30am? Exactly, they sleep! Usually, I would do the same, but not last Saturday. For me, it was “boot camp time” on the Brooklyn Bridge – also known as one of New York’s toughest workouts.

Three years ago I saw a German TV documentary about the Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp that has been founded by the German, Ariane Hundt. Since then, it was my dream to participate in one of her Brooklyn Bridge workouts and to enjoy the unforgettable backdrop, the New York skyline.

As we moved to New York two weeks ago I remembered the chance of getting a new running experience. Hence, I googled the Boot Camp website and I was hooked by Ariane Hundt’s statements:

Challenge yourself like never before! Define your abs,
slim your hips and thighs, lift your butt and burn about 800 calories!”

Spontaneously, I signed up for the Brooklyn Bridge workout at 8:00am last Saturday, what meant that I had to get up at 6:30am. I know, I am crazy; however, it was definitely worth it!20151024_080035

As I left the subway station “Brooklyn Bridge – City Hall” the panorama with the Brooklyn Bridge and the World Trade Center were super inspirational. At this time only a few tourists but many runners were enjoying the amazing views.

Meeting point was the ramp at the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge. We have been a group of 10 people. After a short introduction and warm up, the workout started directly towards the bridge. From that moment, there were no times for excuses anymore 😉

It was high-intensity-interval-training, consisting of running sessions and strength trainings. Usually, I used the bench for relaxing but during the boot camp the benches and the free spaces on the bridge got a new meaning for exercises such as step ups, pushups, tricep dips, lunges or wall sits. I had less time to breathe but a lot of fun. The tourists on the bridge were not disturbing, in fact rather the opposite, I was motivated by them to do my best.

After the workout I re20151024_090119alized that I don’t need any gym to get into shape. My body is all I need but using the own body weight can be the biggest challenge that needs to be overcome. However, for anyone who is interested in an intense workout, running, being outside should definitely sign up for this classes. Outside classes will also be offered in Upper East Side, Brooklyn and in the Central Park. So, check out the Bootcamp’s website for more information and deals (

If you are thinking about kicking your butt and burning mega body fat outside, one tip for you: leave all unnecessary things at home, except a water bottle, because there is no possibility to change clothes or lock valuables.

Get ready for the new experience and push your limits, you won’t regret it! I already signed up for a another workout session 😉

Golden moments, golden memories

This blogpost is for you that is thinking about applying for the IIB-program.  Stop thinking, do it. Are you sitting at home dreaming about New York? Let’s bring the dreams in to your life. NOW.

The IIB-program is amazing. To get the chance to live and work in New York! Yup, it’s pretty cool. I mean really really really live in New York, for two months. To have a everyday life in this city is not a thing I actually thought I could have the chance to experience. But I took my chance when i found it and now I’m here. And it’s even better than I expected. I have an apartment with my friends on Upper west side, ten minutes from Central park and only two minutes from Riverside park. I have an internship at a big fashion company, located 4 blocks from Times square, where I learn a lot about both graphic design and fashion. AND I have all the possibilities in the world to really discover the city I always dreamed of living in. All the things I’ve heard about, or seen in pictures and in movies before coming here is just around the corner from my home and my work. We spend all our free time discovering this city, creating golden memories every day. So I thank myself for doing this. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


New Challenges

My internship has been a great adventure. Lavazza is a huge company in the coffee industry, and my passion for it is making me learn a lot every day. It is a pretty busy office, especially in the logistics department, as shipments are made tens of times each day. It is really fast paced, and sometimes overwhelming, but no one is ever tired because there is an almost unlimited supply of quality coffee. The office itself is incredible. There is an amazing view, as it is located on the 27th floor, and the design and layout are very appealing. I’ve been enjoying my time at the company, and I’m relishing the new, bigger, tougher challenges that might come in the next weeks.


New York Experience

It’s been almost two weeks since we moved to New York City, and it has proved to be an amazing experience. The City is huge, and there are astonishing places just like Central Park and the Times Square I just don’t get tired of seeing. Waking up every day to go and work at Wall Street is a unique experience, as you can learn a lot just by talking to people or listening to them. In my first days working at Lavazza I have met great people and have learned a lot about business. Moreover, the view from my office is incredible, and there are not many better spots to wait for the sunset while looking at the Brooklyn Bridge. It is comforting to know that this experience is just starting, and these months will mark my life in many ways.

Bow Bridge im Central Park, Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA

Business casual in New York City!!! The Jingle ;-)

What a great day it was today!

Even though it was rainy, there were no clouds in my sky.

Even though it was cold, I felt so warm inside.

Even though I had no more than a few hours sleep, I sensed the energy running through my body, right down into my feet.

Even though I missed my parents and family so badly, their voices never seemed so close and loudly.


Who knew this time would have come for me? How could I have ever expected it, when only a few weeks ago I was struggling with troubles and praying for an opportunity to knock at my door?


The truth is that, one day you’re up. The next day you’re down.

It is the balance of life that you can’t live without.


Yesterday I was a student in New Paltz University.

Today I’m a New Yorker facing hugeness, and diversity.

I live on my own in a beautiful apartment.

I have a wonderful job in a HR department.

I give people a chance to prove their value, and despite the difficulties, it is never a failure.

Every day is different in this incredible city and I can’t wait longer for new adventures and activities.


Sometimes you get the feeling that all is going well;

Luck is right there, ringing at your bell.


The world is smiling to you.
Your time has come to shine and all your dreams are on their way to come true.


When these days arrive, you better ride the wave! Push yourself to the limit and don’t go far away.

This jingle is a way to show you the truth.

You can always be serious but also funny and cool. 😉


Hugs and Kisses,




Living my dream

12200625_10156198122930554_542216194_nTo walk the streets of Manhattan every single day is like a dream is coming true. Exploring new areas, restaurants and parks every day is amazing and something I would like to continue doing for the rest of my life. Our area, upper west side, is beautiful and surrounded by amazing grocery stores with a lot of cheese. We have arrived to cheese-heaven, which we are so happy for! Before we arrived NYC, we knew that living five girls in a two-room apartment would be crowded but it’s amazing to wake up every morning and be surrounded by my wonderful friends. Now, I can’t imagine living without them. Furthermore, NYC is an amazing city and I love the fact that the city is filled with beautiful parks.


This Saturday, we were walking around in Central Park and it’s beautiful. I like that New York is the city that never sleeps but I to walk in quiet areas where you really can relax. For me, to take the also like that there is a possibility time to walk in the parks of NYC and to take the opportunity to relax is the way to really understanding the fact that I’m actually living in NYC. Sometimes when I walk to my internship, I’ve to remind myself of that I’m actually living one of my dreams and I’m realizing more and more that’s possible to realize you dreams.



Wall street

We have already worked almost two weeks at our internships and I have started to feel like I actually can get myself around quite good in this neighborhood of Wall street. I work down at financial district very close to Wall street and the tempo here is high. Just how I like it. I am going to tell you about how my days look like here at Wall street.

First, I start at 8.30 and I always arrive at 8.15. If you take the 1 train from upper west side you get to sit. Yes, I know, the 2 and 3 line are express trains and go a lot faster, but that is what everybody thinks, so then I have to stand up for 25 minutes instead of sitting down 32 minutes. Hello?!

Everyone goes together in a fast pace from the train station in our suits and business casuals. Before entering our work, we go to a close coffee shop. I go a bit further to get Starbucks, but that’s fine for me. Every morning I ask for a tall black roasted coffee with some room for milk. I get my coffee all right, but never any room for milk. I guess they just have a few drops of milk in their coffee over here? But that’s fine, nothing can stop me from enjoying this city. After this, I walk really fast together with other excited “Wall street’ers” down to Broadway 39 where I enter the building. And up I go. 36 floor
s up in the sky there is this Investment/asset management company called Divine Capital Markets. For lunch, me and my Swedish colleague and friend Einar goes to this restaurantutsikt 2 we love called Flavors. Then I work all day, well at least until 4.30 p.m. before heading home.

This is the view from my window office.

So, I spend my days at Divine looking at the Statue of Liberty and I AM LOVING IT!