Father of his Country

As for the trip memories, this spectacular scene show us a US Navy soldier contemplating the monument of the father of the country and first president of the United States George Washington, finally raised in 1884.

Someone could think that after years of great accomplishments, this soldier will be gratefully serving to their country forever and always. As for me, I believe that the strong patriotism and love to the Nation is the reason of the huge military legacy that Washington and some others established since the independence of this beautiful country.

A couple of quick shots from Labor Day weekend

As someone mentioned a couple of days ago, all of us went roadtripping this weekend. Some went straight to Washington DC while others went to Atlantic City on Friday, Washington DC on Saturday and Philadelphia on Sunday. I guess there will be a couple of posts about this but I’ll start with some pictures, more to come….

First stop, Jersey shore. First burgers for the weekend (but certainly not last). A funny thing was that a couple of the IIB students just happened to meet up at this stop.
<img class="aligncenter" title="First stop"
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