We almost come to the end of the fourth week of our “adventure” here in the US, and we haven’t lived yet the real life of a Suny New Paltz student. So we decided to take part at one of the various activities organized by the Center for Student Development: the movie night.
For me it was a totally new and exciting experience, especially because Italian universities usually don’t organize events like this. Indeed, we don’t have a real campus where students live and do activities together also during the evening.
And it’s a pity because, through campus entertainment events and activities, students can get involved in campus life, and this is a further opportunity to meet new people and mingle, getting the most during college education.
So, me and other girls decided to spend our Saturday night like a real American student, first having dinner at the Dining Hall and then watching a movie in one of the classrooms at the Lecture Center. Was our chance to meet other incoming Fall 2015 students and networking with them, after all it’s never too early to start making connections.


During this totally free event, we were offered popcorn and drinks, with the chance to participate to the raffle drawing at the end of the weekly movie, Jurassic World.

The organizers were able to recreate the atmosphere of the cinema, putting at their ease those students who decided to participate.

During the show, it seemed to be in our bedroom surrounded by our friends, each of them was rejoicing and clapping with us during the most exciting scenes.
Little by little we surrendered to that familiar and funny atmosphere, finding ourselves commenting out loud along with everyone else.


Although it wasn’t one of my favorite, the level of involvement created in the room made this movie one of the most pleasant and beautiful I’ve ever seen.


The plot in a nutshell: Isla Nublar opens the gates: the dream of John Hammond to create a theme park with regenerated and cloned dinosaurs is now reality. The reptiles, now devoid of mystery and anxiety, are downgraded to almost circus animals in the service of multinationals and genetic experiments, the result of which is the most ferocious dinosaur ever: the “Indominus Rex”. Soon, however, the managers of “Jurassic World” will have to deal with their terrible creature.

Overall it was an enjoyable evening that I can not wait to repeat.



 The next movie event will be on Saturday, October 3 at the Lecture Center.

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Seven states in two days

It´s Labor Day weekend and me and two of my friends decided to go to Washington. We booked a hotel, rented a car and packed our bags for a road trip.

It has been an amazing weekend. Travelling, discovering new places – and to have the possibility to see the world, I love it. It’s not only the end station of the trip that is important to me. I love being on the road. It make me feel relaxed, free and so happy. And especially when you have good friends as your company, singing and laughing in the car together all way through seven states.

We left New Paltz late Friday afternoon. On the way to Washington DC we decided to see Philadelphia by night. The city was beautiful and I would love to go back for a longer visit. We arrived late to our hotel outside DC, but after checking in we decided to take a nightly tour in Washington to see the most famous places by night. Even if we we’re so tired after six hours in a car, it was totally worth it.

The Saturday was intense but fantastic. We went to the White House, the Capitol, walked through the mall to the Washington monument, the World War II memorials and the Lincoln Memorial. We visited the Arlington National Cemetery and the Washington National Cathedral. We had dinner in Georgetown (definitely my favorite spot this trip) and we finished the day with a glass of Prosecco in a spinning sky bar with a beautiful view over the city. What a day! We all slept like babies that night.

Sunday was the last day of our trip and we decided to go back to Georgetown. It’s a really beautiful area, with a lot of shopping, restaurant and a nice park area by the river. After a good brunch, shopping and coffee by the water, our trip back towards New Paltz started. To get the most out of our road trip we decided to stay for dinner in Baltimore, and at last but definitely not least we decided to take a tour in Manhattan by night. Driving through Times Square, Fifth Avenue and finally over Brooklyn Bridge.

In Brooklyn we did our last stop – just to enjoy the view of the amazing city that we can call our home for two months later this fall. Wow, New York – it’s going to be fantastic

Mohonk is what you expect!


Everybody told us about the inspiring nature around New Paltz and that it is a perfect destination for recreation and reflection.
So we asked ourselves: “Is it indeed the heaven of New York state?”

Yes, it is! If you want to relax and escape from the daily life, this is one of the best places to do this.
I am talking about the Mohonk Preserve.

Our goal for the day was to enjoy the Mohonk Preserve by hiking through wonderful nature scenaries.
By the way it was my first time hiking in a nature preserve; therefore, I did not know what to expect.

Our hiking trip started at the visitor center at Mohonk Reserve with a friendly recommendation where to go and what trail to take.
After a one hour comfortable and inspiring hike we experienced the aha moment:
The Mohonk Lake and the Victorian castle resort “Mohonk Mountain House” surrounded by the beauty of the Shawangunk Mountains.

The Mohonk Lake convinces with its great selection of activities such as boating, kayaking and swimming.
Boats can be rented at the boat dock for $13 per boat for 30 minutes. Unfortunately, without an overnight reservation,
swimming is only permitted when purchasing a meal or a spa treatment at the hotel.

However, the resort is a beautiful, old castle with a lot of history. When you enter the hotel you feel like going back in time – rustic but elegant.
The interior appears as it is from another century. Decide whether you like it or not.
I liked it, especially the sunset bar where we had a drink after a great hike. We enjoyed the wonderful mountain view.

You definitely should go there at least for a few hours to experience the Mohonk Preserve and the area around the hotel.
In case you do not feel like hiking, the taxi driver can bring you directly to the hotel in order to enjoy the setting in the countryside,
the lake as well as the amazing garden.

If you decide to stay overnight, take your credit card with you. One night in the spring/summer season costs
approximately $600 (without tax). In the winter season it is more cost-effective, round about $300.
There are many activities you can choose from such as croquet, putting green, indoor pool, tennis courts and and and ….

For more information I would like to refer to the following websites:

Mohonk Mountain House http://www.mohonk.com/

Mohonk Preserve http://www.mohonkpreserve.org/

You won’t regret experiencing the Mohonk Preserve and its surrounding.
Unforgettable moments are guaranteed! Enjoy 🙂

Plus Tax

I guess this is another post about cultural differences or better said, customs. For US citizen this post might not make that much sense, but I think some others foreigners might feel identified.

Bills and Coins

Being an accounting guy living on a tight budget, makes me think carefully when shopping. That is why I always add up in my head my groceries and almost everything I buy. But this seem not to work in this country.

I  come from a country that if a product has a price at the shelf, that is the price you will pay to get it.  Taxes are still there, and believe me they are high, but since they are already included. It’s been over a month and still I can’t get used to paying everything a different price from the one posted.

I didn’t notice this effect at full size until my credit card statement got to my e-mail, and believe me, it is a BIG difference. So, this is my humble advice to travelers, when you make plans and trips, take into account Uncle Sam’s cut, because one way or the other, he will reach your pockets!

Traveling is discovering

Last weekend we were walking around in New Paltz and, suddenly, we realized that just across Main Street was an amazing and unique place called ‘Water Street Market‘. This is a beautiful place where you can find a lot of interesting shops selling art, antiques, fashion clothes and food. We decided to have lunch in a small restaurant called the ‘Cheese Plate‘, we ate some really delicious selection of cheese.  We had a great time!

 What a cozy place!
One Pic, a Thousand Memories

Pics, Pics, and more Pics!

It is said that a picture is worth more than a thousand words. Then, is a memory worth more than a thousand pictures?

One Pic, a Thousand Memories

I might be a bit behind technology and connectivity, I admit it. But last Saturday something happened to me that let me thinking.

After an incredible ski trip to Hunter Mountain, I skyped with a friend I used to ride with to tell him the amazing day I had. His first question wasn’t about how I did, if I enjoyed or anything related. His first question was, and I quote, “Did you take a lot of pictures?”.

This single question rang a bell in my mind. Not because I had only taken one picture of the whole day, but mainly because I’ve never stop to think about how much material we “share” with everyone in the social networks.

Could it be that for some people it became more important what you can show of what you did than actually having the great experience of living it?

I guess is quite ironic to ask this in a post in an on-line blog, isn’t it?


Last weekend I decided to go skiing. It was pretty spontaneous because I didn’t even know we were going as I was just one more name on the waiting list. To my surprise, they called us two days before Saturday and we had the pleasure to go to Hunter Mountain.

I already knew how to ski, but it had been like 2 years since I hadn’t put a pair of skis so I can say I was a bit nervous at the beginning but still, so excited. After practicing a couple of times in the blue and green mountain, I had the guts to go  down a black diamond mountain for the first time in my life! Even though I fell down two or three times, nothing happened and I don’t fear any mountain now.

Skiing is such a wonderful experience and Hunter Mountain is definitely the place to be because of the beautiful view and nature you experience. That feeling of adrenaline through all of my veins and the unlimited speed I could experience down every slight turn, hill or steep path is priceless.

Skiing while it snows and feeling the chilly wind in your face is truly amazing!


Culinary Experience!

Last weekend we had the opportunity to visit The Culinary Institute of America, it is a culinary college located in Hyde Park founded in 1946.

Besides the impressive infrastructure they have and the fact of being one of the most privileged gastronomy institutions, the university has four restaurants that are attended by the students themselves.

This time we had the opportunity to visit the Bocuse restaurant, named in honor of the famous chef Paul Bocuse, famous for its excellent cuisine and innovative dishes.

If you love good food you should definitely visit this place and try their unique dishes.
A good place to visit while in New Paltz!


This weekend we decided to go to the city to see the most expected event of the year that is the Super bowl, this event if one on the most important event in the world, this game was performed by the Seattle Seahawks vs the Denver Broncos in which obviously the Seahawks won the game with a final score of 43-8. photo (2)

New city, new stories

photo-1-2When experiences start overcoming your expectations, that’s when you know you are having a great time.

Coming to New Paltz has been an amazing adventure, the place, the weather, school, classes, the food. But above all it all, what has made my experience so amazing is the people.

Even though I’ve been here for a few days, I’ve had the opportunity to meet very interesting people from all over the world. I thank all of those who have made my day better just by sharing this experience with me.