St. Patrick's Day

On saturday we went to the parade and was fantastic, we saw many people dressed like irish also with strange green customes, was so funny. Everything was fine except for the storm, we didnt expected it so we were wet and cold. Except for that we had a great time.

Here are some pictures of the parade


Hi everyone!!
It has been a while since last time I wrote here. We have been quite busy these last few weeks, trying to survive exams, assignments and projects. Despite this, we are doing our best not to get buried under the books and to go out at least on the weekends!
One of the best nights was the day Erica came back from Italy. After our italian dinner we went to Joe’s East West, a country pub here in New Paltz! We had a lot of fun, not only because we learned country line dance but also because some of us tried to ride the mechanical bull!!! It wasn’t easy and it was a little bit painful..but so fun!!!! Unfortunately the mechanical bull is in town only once a month..but I really suggest to those who still haven’t tried to do it!!!
Here are some pictures of that night!! (we also have some videos, but they will remain private..they’re too embarrassing!!)


Hello Mr. President!!

Hi!! The weekend from February 16 to the 18th, Marce, Blanca, Lucy, Nora, Pontus and I decided to visit Washington D.C. We visited the main attractions such as The White House, US Capitol, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Memorial, WWII Memorial, Air and Space Museum, and some other interesting places!! I had the opportunity to visit a friend who studies in Georgetown and she showed us the university and it’s surroundings. Everything is so beautiful, totally worth it!! Even though it was really cold we had a great time.

Here are some cool pictures about our trip and our beautiful hostel.

Surviving the S N O W

So, it should be spring by now but here in New Paltz the weather doesn’t really gets it. Its snowing, it has been raining and its pretty cold. I already got used to the cold, but for the people that we come from really hot weather its a big deal to go out in this type of cold. What I mean is that in Monterrey kids don’t go to school if the weather goes lower than 1ºC.

For me snow means fun, so that’s why we really enjoyed when Nemo happened a couple of weeks ago. We went out and took some nice pictures enjoying the snow, we had a snow fight as well, it was really fun.

I don’t know what am I going to do when I go back to Monterrey, it will be summer and the weather is going to be near 40ºC.

We miss you!!!

My roommate Maja has been sick for a few days now. But I am taking good care of her: I try to not wake her up in the morning when I get ready to go to school, I buy her magazines, cookies, ice-cream and chocolate and I try to comfort her as much as I can since she is sad not to live the campus life with us.

I’m writing this post to tell her how much we miss her and that we all hope she’ll feel better soon!!!

Like Americans do

Three weeks are already gone and there would be so much to’s really hard to decide what to talk about!

We all love to travel, as proven by the fact that in three weeks we have already gone to Boston and to New York City and that we are already planning to go to the Niagara Falls, Washington D.C., Philadelphia..someone (including myself :P) is also dreaming about going to Miami, Las Vegas and why not..Hawaii!! Anyway, I didn’t mean to talk about travelling (you should know that I get distracted very easily)!

Since we’ve got here, we tried to absorbe American culture in every aspect, such as American food, American coffee (I’m Italian, these are the first things that came to my mind!) and, of course, American sports!!

We went to see the basketball match between New Paltz Hawks and Oswego Lakers and we ended up cheering as if we were attending SUNY for years..HERE WE GO NEW PALTZ, HERE WE GO!!

In order to become more and more like Americans, last Sunday we made a reservation at McGillicuddy’s to watch the Super Bowl!! Someone (again, including myself) painted two black stripes on their cheeks, thinking to blend with American fans..but at the end we were the only ones!! ..tourists..! -.-‘     Only Jenny knew football rules and she tried to explain them to us.. but without success.. Anyway, we enjoyed the game, the commercials and most of all Beyoncè’s show!!

We are only at the beginning of this amazing adventure and we still miss a lot of the “American style” .. but at the end of these four months I hope we can say we tried everything!!

New York!

Hello blog!

Today is exactly three weeks ago since my first time in New York. I thought I’d celebrate by posting a few pictures

It's not that cold!!

 It’s been quite an adventure, being in school at this time of the year: it’s very cold and windy.

But it was one of my greatest experiences… actually this is the first time I’m experiencing such cold weather… so walking in the snow and wearing those coats and jackets that are bigger than me– is totally new.

…but the greatest adventure is to share every day with your new friends. It’s been three weeks since we met and now we are one big family. No matter how cold the weather is, we always have warm days!!


Road trip to Boston!!

For our first weekend in New Paltz we decided to rent three cars and drive all the way to Boston, Massachusetts. We barely knew each other and we were already going on a trip all together. It was so much fun!! We stayed on a beautiful hostel, we went to a nightclub, and visited the most important attractions in Boston. We also visited MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Harvard, both universities are incredibly huge and beautiful!!

We had such a great time and it was an excellent opportunity to get to know each other outside the Super 8 and the university.

Here are some pictures of the trip!!

Already a family

We’ve been here for almost 3 weeks and it feels like we have known each other for so much longer time. We are already acting like a family and its very comfortable to feel that you can trust 17 new people who, out of the blue, appeared to form part of your history.

For example Jenny (the best roomie ever) got sick the first week and we were all very concerned for her health, some of the girls brought her a big bag full of things to do & eat while she was resting so she would not get that much bored at the Super 8. Also last week was Nora’s 22 birthday and we had many surprises for her that day, Jacopo created a FB group just for planning her birthday, and I’m sure that Nora loved her birthday and all of her birthday presents!!

We have traveled as well to Boston and New York and we have had an amazing time!

Everyone is different, but we are the perfect combo! Differences brought us together. We are having a great time, and time passes so fast, we are already searching for the internships!!

Italy, Sweden & Mexico united in the Super 8 motel.